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Pushed out from mainland Ganima in prehistoric times by a horrible plague, Yunish ruins can be found deep in the wilderness and under cities. The last of the Yuns were pushed to the north and forced into the water. Some made it to an island to the north, despite no proper boats to carry them. Here, they met up with some previously stranded Yuns and although a bottleneck event had occurred, they flourished in this new environment, and created a rich culture, thousands of years old.   Their most notable quality to outsiders is the removal of children's eyes to heighten their other senses and learn how to see energy, magic and spirits.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Humanoid with similar coloring to elves, the main difference being face/head shape and the horns on their heads.

Biological Traits

Life span: 50-200 years

Growth Rate & Stages

Puberty begins at 7, ends at 15
Body grows until 18
Brain development finishes at 35
Middle-aged at 60
Becomes elderly at 75

Ecology and Habitats

Since their homeland is so bitterly cold, the Yuns have taken to living in and nearby geysers and hot springs.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The Yuns live in close knit villages governed by elders and the revered adults of the population. There is an appointed leader who will always have the final word.

Facial characteristics

Prominent bones (jaw, cheekbone, forehead ridge) are possible-- not always visible. Horns of varying size and number can grow from these prominent bones, and throughout the top of their heads.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Currently: Northern island of Ganima Prehistorically: over the entire continent Occasionally, a Yun can be found throughout the world, although most don't relate them to their culture, since these are the descendants of rare travelers. Even rarer is finding a Yun who has traveling through the world with their eyes sewn shut.

Average Intelligence


Perception and Sensory Capabilities

When trained properly (removal of eyes and trained in society), their other senses are heightened and they gain the sixth sense of seeing energy and spirits.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Prefixes Ad- Ak- Bu- Che- Chi- Da- Dra- Ez- Ee- Fa- Ga- Ke- Kha- Khi- Ky- Ku- Ko- I- Me- Mul- Mou- Na- Ni- Nae- Ruk- Raq- Shu- Sas- Si- Ye- Xa-   Inbetweeners -bau- -ce- -d- -e- -k- -n- -s- -w- -z-     Suffixes -at -an -ahn -coh -dlr -dha -eid -fi -fa -kal -khil -huh -la -llan -lih -llaa -tta -tad -ran -rur -rron -mo -na -sa -sala -soore -shah -qaa -qa -une -xia -vurr   Examples Nitta, Keid, Shune Yececoh, Chesa, Xanqaa Khat, Mela, Buxia Naesala, Kyllan, Adran Chindlr, Kubauvurr, Ezrur Akal, Sasfi, Rukhil Sitad, Eesoore, Lefa Shidha, Mulih, Ifan Fawllaa, Khifa, Damo Korron, Gashah, Raqa Mouhuh, Kuwna , Drahn

Beauty Ideals

Strong in every sense of the word, leadership. skin with good textures.

Relationship Ideals

Know the person(s) and their energies very well. Be their loyal companion.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Everybody speaks Yunish, but there are a couple researchers come to visit that causes a little bit of language diffusion, but barely any.

Common Etiquette Rules

Always be courteous, patient, and always be a student. Listen to your elders.

Common Dress Code

Clothes are not very popular, except for their textures and the sounds they make (ankle bells and the such) and keeping warm.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

/*Possible idea: they lost their sight in the plague, or it was a sort of penance for their past behavior and its lost its original meaning regardless*/

Common Taboos

Violence against other Yuns is unacceptable.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Very rare, but totally possible with other humanoids.

Genetic Descendants
50 years
Average Height
5-6.5 ft

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