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10 Bamhyut of 856 4E

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Iaythea is a colorful place where world trade is emerging for the first time in modern history. The world is ancient, but that history is known only to academics tucked away in secluded colleges. To the rest of the world, most continents are interacting together for the first time, tentatively, across dangerous waters, to learn from one another. War seems sparse, and the peace and diplomacy across the world is widely attributed to the precedent set by the most famous woman in history, Empress Cynhere. Her homeland, Ganima, is considered the center of the trade world, having the most powerful government...   What conflicts are there?   What is unique? Lots of gays, lots of color. There's an entire race of people that barely anybody knows about.


  • Map of Ganima (rough political map)

    The continent of Ganima: ruled by an empress and separated into queendoms.