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Tyrus: Goddess of Protection and War

Persevere and never fear.

Pure Pantheon

Tyrus is the goddess of protection, war, justice and self-sacrifice. Her symbol was embossed in the center of each chestplate worn by a soldier in the Ethar Empire's White Wings army. After the Rebirth, her symbol is still found on many war memorial sites, justitiary buildings, stockades or prisons, and military buildings.

Temples in her honor are often especially busy during war, or when rumors of war are being spread, as people go to pray for their loved ones who might be sent to fight.

She is depicted as a humanoid woman with warm brown skin, wavy white hair, glowing white eyes, a shining silver suit of armor, white wings spanning 15 feet and holding a long silver greatsword.

She granted Wen'dolyn: Patron of Blacksmiths deity status after she created a perfect sword for Tyrus, and they have had a very close relationship since.

Alignment: LG

Divine Domains

Protection, War, Justice, Self-Sacrifice.

Holy Books & Codes

The Chronicles of War

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Two crossed swords, hilts upward

Tenets of Faith

  • It is a great honor to die for one's nation
  • War is sometimes needed to exert justice
  • Courage above all
  • Never show fear, it is a sign of weakness
  • Know your enemy, but don't let them know you
  • Scars won in battle are badges of honor


No set holidays, instead celebrations in Tyrus' name are held after wars are won, and public prayers and mourning services are held when wars are lost.


Wen'dolyn: Patron of Blacksmiths

Devotee (Vital)

Towards Tyrus: Goddess of Protection and War



Tyrus: Goddess of Protection and War

Patron (Important)

Towards Wen'dolyn: Patron of Blacksmiths




Tyrus granted Wen'dolyn deity status, and they have been very close since.

Divine Classification
Glowing white, pupilless
Wavy, white
6'9 feet.

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