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The Dragon Riders

The Dragon Riders of Ienora are an elite fighting force on dragonback. They are the city's primary protectors. Members are selected at a young age, transferred to the Rider School, and taught to fight, befriend and ride dragons and to protect the forest.

Each Rider is given a dragon egg that they then keep safe during incubation and hatching, and then raise them as their lifetime companion. The bond between a dragon and her rider is often said to be the strongest force of nature.

The Riders are often sent on missions by the Lawmasters of Ienora, and do everything from fighting forest fires to securing cave systems riddled with fiends.

They wear leather armor embossed with the symbol of Melaki: God of Nature and bracers in colors corresponding to their unit with symbols of their rank.


There are an unknown number of squads with 6 Riders and dragons each, all of which are controlled by a Commander who reports directly to the Lawmasters of Ienora.

Each squad has a unique name and color. The colors are seen on the bracers that the Riders wear. The names are often adjectives such as Valor, Honor, Excellence, or Courage.

For glory.

Founding Date
The Dragon Riders force was founded shortly after the city was, in the year 919 P.C.
Military, Special Operations Force
Alternative Names
The Riders.
Training Level
Veterancy Level

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