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Sylvana: Goddess of Mystics and Divinators

Masked Pantheon

Sylvana is the protector of those who make a living in the shadows, offering divination and telling of fates. The reason she is in the Masked Pantheon is that all types of divination and fate magic was illegal in the Ethar Empire.

Followers of Sylvana had to be very careful to not show their faith publicly, since it was both illegal to worship a god of the Masked Pantheon, and to be a seer. If they chose to wear or display her symbol, they would do so in the form of a necklace tucked into clothes, or a symbol on the wall behind a piece of furniture. Her followers would gather in secret in basements of homes or discreet taverns to worship, and practice their craft in peace.

She is often pictured as an elven woman with deep brown skin, large jewelery in her ears, half of her hair tied back with a blue ribbon, and wearing flowy, loose fitting clothes in mostly blue tones.

Sylvana has a habit of appearing to unsuspecting people, leaving a cryptic message about their future, reading the dregs of their tea or reading their fate in a deck of cards and then disappearing as quickly as she came, leaving a wisp of indigo mist and a faint smell of burning firewood behind her. Sometimes she leaves a blue ribbon behind, which those who have been blessed with a visit from her will display proudly.

Alignment: N

Divine Domains

Divination, Fate

Holy Books & Codes

The Words of the Oracle

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A crystal ball, an eye crying an indigo teardrop

Divine Classification
Deep blue, knowing
Wavy, black
6'10 feet.

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