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Spirit was a squad in The Dragon Riders that went rogue after a dispute with the leadership of the organization. They were unhappy with the tasks they were being sent to do, and felt that they were destined for greater things. The group was made up of six members, all relatively close in age (around late teens-early twenties in human years). They had attended the Rider Academy together, and were sorted into the same squad upon graduation.

They were a very close knit group, and didn't work very well with others. People who were in the Defiance have described them as being calculating, reserved, highly intelligent, powerful and very intimidating. They always shared a room and rarely left that room, except for Defiance meetings. They rarely spoke in social situations, but often shared prolonged glances amongst each other as if they would discuss the things being said later, in private. People have speculated that the team was in a sort of polyamorous relationship, though no evidence supporting this claim exists.


The members of Spirit met and befriended each other after graduating from the Rider Academy. They have been described by other members of the Riders as instantly forming a family unit, and being fiercely loyal and protective of each other.

They completed a couple of minor missions for the Riders very efficiently and well, but felt that they were destined for bigger things. They didn't want to keep clearing little caves from gnolls, they wanted to make a real difference. They wanted to go down in history.

Upon leaving the Riders and going solo for a while, Spirit eventually joined The Citizens' Defiance to help fight against the Ethar Empire. Because of their military training, they were a valuable asset to the Defiance, and assisted in training members for planned battles. They quickly gained notoriety both within the movement and without, and became quite influential in the Defiance.

During the Days of Silence, many Citizens gave up in the movement, and went back to their day-to-day lives of being oppressed by the Empire. Spirit however, would not break easily, and decided to take matters into their own hands. They forged a plan to infiltrate and assasinate the main culprits of the poisoning of Ianua. The six of them split into pairs and successfully killed Queen Isidora and Commander Shilling of the White Wings and captured several more influential aristocrats.

They then proceeded to proclaim themselves the new leaders of the Empire, and vowed to rebuild it to its former glory, redistribute the wealth and heal a wounded people. This, however, proved itself to be easier said than done for Spirit, who were more used to the wild days of adventuring and going on noble quests than lives of quiet diplomacy. Not to mention the fact that the Empire and entire continent of Ianua had been gradually run into the ground by the previous rulers. Rebuilding it was going to take a lot of time, patience, effort, and most of all, knowledge and experience, almost all of which Spirit sadly lacked.

They managed to make a small difference in the health of the continent, but ultimately didn't achieve their promised goals. So, Spirit decided to call it quits. Ruling was not for them, and they didn't want to do it anymore. They asked some members of the Defiance to take over for them in case of their absence, and some halfheartedly agreed, but didn't think it would be needed.

Everyone was shocked when only 2 quarters after their rise to power, Spirit disappeared. No one knew of their plan to leave, and what followed was a scramble to save the Empire from collapsing a second time in the same cycle.

No one has heard from or seen any of the Sprit members since their disappearance.


Sprit disbanded, as far as anyone knows, in the cycle 1 P.R.

Founding Date
The Spirit Squad was formed in the cycle 4 P.C.
Illicit, Rebel
Training Level
Parent Organization
The Citizens' Defiance

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