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Aurale: God of Craft

If you do something, do it well.

Pure Pantheon

Aurale is the god of the Craft and Trade, and is worshipped by blacksmiths and artists alike. Anyone who makes a living creating something, whatever that may be, can find support in Aurale. His symbol is often displayed on stores selling handmade wares, homes of people who have dedicated their lives to a craft, or worn as an amulet by those same people. It can also be imprinted directly into the item or ware, depending on the nature of the craft.

He is depicted in different ways depending on the craft of who is depicting them, an artist might paint him dressed in a smock, holding a paintbrush and a palette, while a potter might describe him holding a ceramic pot or vase. However, he is in most cases a copper-scaled dragonborn, with four arms and rugged, worn hands, holding whatever tools of whatever trade.

Alignment: NG

Divine Domains

Craft, Trade

Holy Books & Codes

The Art of the Craft

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An upward-facing palm with an eye in the center.

Tenets of Faith

  • Create
  • Study a craft
  • Protection for those who have dedicated their lives to a trade


Markets where people sell their wares are often dedicated to Aurale, and some places have Craft festivals specifically in his honor where people show their skills, and in some cases compete in who has the best wares.

Divine Classification
Black, pupilless
7'0 feet.

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