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This is the wiki of a homebrew D&D campaign setting based off the Legend of Zelda video game franchise. It takes place in its own era and doesn't take place in any canonical, established timeline -- it's a "parallel universe," if you will. It utilizes locations, items, species and other elements from across various official timelines, and is meant to take place thousands of years after whenever the last game in the franchise's timeline events occurred.   The campaign setting might also be missing some well-known Zelda elements, and that is simply because I haven't played every Legend of Zelda game. I've played all the home console games, but not all the handheld console games. So there will be things missing, e.g. anything unique to the Oracle series.   Lastly, I've added my own spin on many things which might make them quite different than how they have been traditionally portrayed in the games. For instance, Kakariko isn't a quaint little village anymore. It is a massive capital city. It is my goal to present things that are familiar to Legend of Zelda fans and letting them revisit things they enjoyed about the series while simultaneously giving them something new. And it is all done with the goal of everyone having fun.  

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A long, long time ago the World was in an age of Chaos...

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