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Random Encounters Greatlands

1: A Wyvern, scarred by magics, woundedly flies away from a distant troupe of mage-knights from Shimmermene. Once the wyvern passes Gilford, the mage-knights draw a magic circle on the ground and disappear into a beam of light in the sky, followed by a runic gateway leading into the heavens that closes behind them. Wyvern meat is edible and it is wounded, reducing its health to 85. It falls in front of the party, but it doesn't immediately attack. If anyone comes into range, it snaps at them. It gets aggressive if anyone gets violent, and many of the troupe wants to finish it off with spears from afar. If they do, it will reveal that it isn't as wounded and immobile as they thought. If not, They can heal it up and send it on its way, kill it, or leave it there. If they leave it, it might show up and attack Gilford later. 1 CR 6 Wyvern, reduced to 85 HP.   2: Narabi challenges Willoughby to a duel, tossing him a rapier. He accepts, pulling out a dagger in his off-hand, but he clearly stands no chance. The peasants say they'll respect the duel but won't EVER respect Narabi. Willoughby says he doesn't respect duels, but he knows her people and knows she won't back down until some form of conflict makes her respect them. What does the party do? Narabi won't fight the whole party, but she might let one of them fight in Willoughby's place. Not to the death, to concession. She will concede when she's taken a serious wound, but she'll be ashamed. She's a proud woman. During this duel, two wheatwalkers (Druids with the plant creature type and reduced numbers) attack the other players, but Narabi doesn't back down for a second. She's conflicted, gets knocked on her ass by a player after an attack, and gets up and takes a player's hand. She joins the fight on their side. Afterwards, she'll start acting nicer, even apologizing to Pinna. She also starts to look a little sickly. In the next long rest, she'll reveal that she's actually pretty badly wounded. She has an infected scar on her thigh (can be healed with any healing magic). She didn't want her to be the reason they slowed down, and she wants to be strong. But she's seen how they help the others, and just this once, she hopes she hasn't messed things up. Regardless of what she's been taught, all this time has shown her is that people need each other. If they heal her, she'll tell them her dilemna. Recruit mages and risk everything, or defend the Queen's position and risk losing everything she loves. Either way, she can't stay with the party after they reach Gilford. She is just thankful to have seen a place where belonging is felt, not assigned.    3: FINISHED Pinna asks the party if they want to go stargazing with her that night. She always loves to look up at the stars and know she's under their protection. She wonders if the party will make her feel the same way. Or one of them. She'll reveal that she's scared and she doesn't want to show it to anyone else. She'll ask the party if they get scared when they adventure. She might start to fall for whoever says they get scared too and comforts her, so long as they tend to agree with her and be nice. If this happens, roll another random encounter at the end of the conversation on the way back to camp. Afterwards, if Pinna connected with someone, she might wake them up on another night when she gets scared and ask them if she can sleep next to them. She's just a little spooked is all. She'll say smthn like. "Hey. We can do this, right? I can do this?" Depending on their answer, she might extend her hand for them to hold.   4: The party encounters a small hot spring, clean and clear. There's nothing hostile here. It's just a nice place to relax and talk with each other or NPCs. it will help give the survivors a bit of a morale boost if they stop there. There's a single coifish in the pond that might play around with them and nip at their toes. It's harmless.     5: They meet a newborn Alsied, drawn from a patch of wheat that somehow bloomed in spring. It's a wheat elf with the bottom half of a young deer, barely able to stand. It's a full adult, but it's new to the world. It takes in everything in a state of pure wonder. Everything lovely, everything pure. It doesn't want to join the party and will ultimately ride off, but not before it asks the party to name it. It will also gift them a piece of wheat from its body which dissolves into spirit energy when touched against someone's shoulder. It can cast remove curse or bless once without concentration and a duration of 8 hours. Then it fades into spirit.     6: FINISHED Pinna and Willoughby ask the party to look to the skies. Winds are blowing erratically like no natural storm can make them. Flickers of flame in the sky. The run their hands over their heads. Static. Snap. A burst of ice. All sure signs that a spellstorm is brewing. They shouldn't stay here for another day. This place will be torn apart by pure arcana in 12 hours. One of them mentions that they've always dreamed of pushing to the eye of a spellstorm and claiming the focus. But it's suicide. Obviously. This means nothing the night it happens, but the storm will start brewing more and more over time. Clouds converge on the area, leaving a swirl. Fire burns in the winds, which stop in place and turn. Zaps of lightning occasionally dash from plants to the ground. Swirls of pure magic manifest in the air and gently tug casters towards the storm (it's easy to resist, but noticeable.) After the 12 hours are up, an eldritch storm appears in the area that the encounter first appeared. 300 foot radius arcane storm. If they decide to go in to claim the focus, initiative! Start of each player's turn, one of these happens to them. Roll d4: 1. Strength save or 2d6 force damage and pushed 15 feet back. Half damage on success. 2. Con save or 2d6 cold damage and movement speed reduced by 10 feet. Half damage on success. 3. Dex save or 2d6 fire damage. Half on success. 4. Con save or 2d6 lightning damage. Half on success. Auto-fail if wearing metal armor. Must drop metal item if being held to avoid auto-fail. They'll also be fighting small elementals during this.

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