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A lovely woman. A black tabaxi, heavily pregnant with twins, who maintains teleportation circles around town. She offers to house the party whenever they're in Shimmermene. Her wife (Half-Elf, Tipa) is away for an internship with Molly's Bakery to become a chef. (her wife used to be a professor at the Lavender House before she retired after some students were put in serious danger from an attack by the old headmaster. She was ashamed that the survivors were extolled as heroes instead of being protected as victims, so she left and, looking for something to do, went to work at the local pie shop instead. She's now on the internship to get better at it.) Her husband (Half-Elf, Sergio) is a musician who shares a room with her, so she has some room.   She actually has a storied past. Her parents left Mrasta after the Lion's Breath took over. They arrived in Peridoc and while she escaped, her parents were caught by Lion's Breath agents and sent back home. Since then, she's kinda had to fight for herself.   She likes to embroider and play with yarn. Her house is nice. It has a circular living room interior with the corners making up several closets, then three other small circular rooms for the bedrooms. It's a little messy but her husband Sergio did clean up a bit before everyone came.

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