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Narabi Kinjo

Queensmen Captain (She/Her)

A diplomat knight from the crossing lands, sent by Queen Oa'klia herself to meet with other diplomats in Shimmermene to discuss the spread of the corruption in Krosix. She's domineering and will NOT tolerate any dallying for the sake of peasants.   The peasants, however, are mostly from the more egalitarian societies, so they don't listen to her commands.   In fact, if the party doesn't do what she wants, she'll confront the peasants and command them to go with her.   They won't just say no, they'll actively stand up to her when she acts rude to the party or anyone of low rank, including her own servants. Every time the party gives an opposing decision, she'll butt in to demand they do as she says.   It might even come to a duel. She is not afraid of anything or anyone.   She wants to push everyone to go faster because she's afraid of missing her diplomatic meeting, her first shot at gaining real respect from her family (being a queensmen wasn't enough for them). She doesn't really want this though. If the party makes her miss her meeting but also teaches her to enjoy life a little bit more, she might appear later to serve as their diplomatic leader at their base. If they helped her a lot, she might even bring some of her queensmen that abandoned their posts with her.   Narabi is the queensman captain of the third guard, the battalion stationed to watch over the corruption. It is growing faster and faster. She's going to Shimmermene to discuss the corruption with the council of hundred, but she doesn't expect help, as Fracisia has been diplomatically hostile recently. She truly wants to be discussing requisitioning mages in secret, defying the will of Queen Oa'klia (who sees mages as a threat to her power and sees the Sage-worshipping Faedryinites as heathens who deny her divinity). Yet, through all of this, she is undergoing the reckoning, a time in each Fracisian's life where they are ultimately given power from Queen Oa'klia in accordance to their strength and dutiful actions during this time. She knows she'll need the power to hold off the corruption at the border, so she acts harshly and leads like the toxic leaders she's seen before. Deep down, she is an honorable and respectable leader, she just feels as though being so makes her "not fracisian." She is wrong. Her mentor, Anki, sees right through her and is a bit of an iroh to her zuko.   If the party helps her out, she'll get softer with time. Based on their decisions, a few things can happen.    She can requisition mages in defiance of the queen. She returns home and pushes back the corruption, but in return, she fails her requisition and is exiled from the crossing lands. If this happens, she'll take the third guard and show up at the party's stronghold at their service. As time passes, news of the corruption's spread to Bracestone will reach the party.   She can do her job and leave, passing the reckoning. If this happens, her town falls to corruption, and she shows up at the stronghold in shambles. She had nowhere else to go. No one else would accept her! She lost her powers from the reckoning and was stripped of her rank. Her home city of Bracestone is under attack, and her queen's forces are stuck on the defensive. She needs them. It's her home.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Nice Gold and Black robes. Gold face paint.

Specialized Equipment

An arcane arquebus. It does 1d10 radiant damage.

Mental characteristics


Educated in battle tactics and diplomacy. Was not allowed to study much else bc the spiritual arts are typically a man's role. Also, her parents tried to set her up for success by only training her in the things they wanted her to do.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Youngest captain of the Queensmen. Tasked with important role.

Failures & Embarrassments

Her parents died when she was young and she was adopted by an influential family. She isn't a real noble.

Morality & Philosophy

Smart moves that make lasting impacts are better than feeling things out. Order and command are necessary for humanity's survival.


Defying a superior.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Secretly LOVES relaxing and arts and culture and spirituality. She's actively repressing that stuff so she can be strong, and based on the current situation, strength seems to be important right now.
Lawful Neutral
Straight, but she's always been curious about women. She wants someone dominating that lets her be off-guard around them.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Queen Oa'klia Worshipper

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