Welcome to Hydria

Welcome to Hydria


Quick Orientation

In everyday life, most inhabitants live in a world which resembled 1450 AD Earth. Think Leonardo Da Vinci, Copernicus, a strong church patronizing the arts, Shakespearean Theatre and the ideals of Humanism in the backdrop of a an age of exploration of new lands, colonies and of course pirates. Now add to that, thousands of close-to-magic relics scattered all over the world, robots and artificial intelligence entities aliens, biogenetic experiments and cyborgs and you will get an idea of what you are getting yourself into ... oh and did I mention Dragons?  

The Azure


The Most Holy Church of


The Factions


The Known World

The Genre

Science Fantasy

Hydria is a science fantasy world. The is no magic, there are psionics, mutations, cybernetic enhancements, nanobots and robots, but they are all hidden under a veil of "magic" or divine intervention. Most people living on the planet of Hydria and Nefeli, its verdant moon are completely oblivious to this and only during the last decades some bright minds begin to awake to the realities of this world.  


It's a time of exploration! Flying ships soar high in the skies discovering what hides further afield from the Mesohydrian Sea on a planet twice the size of our earth and on a moon covered by a thick jungle and a deep blue ocean.  


It's a time of heroes and a brilliant future waiting to be seized and fortunes to be made. Dark dangers and hidden agendas threaten to bring civilization to its knees and new wonders and terrors await just around the corner. The adventurers are called to wave the banner of gallantry, heroism and chivalry and to take their place within the elite.  


No matter how extraordinary things looks, in Hydria physics are physics and the rule of cool is not as strong as in a D&D fantasy campaign. Expect gritty science but also ingenious science fiction ideas to solve problems.  

Tech Level

The Printing press is making its first appearance and its being weaponised to steer the masses, the first telescopes are peering deep into the skies, mighty wooden ship first took on the seas and now threaten to conquer the skies, the armies of the world field arquebusiers, pikemen and of course, field cannons.   At same side, white metal plated knights holding invisible shields and vibrating blue energy swords leap tens of meters from their bipedal mounts to land and face equally powerful opponents in shiny armour catapulting items towards them with the power of their mind as they cause the men of the armies around them scream in terror.


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