Avgi-Thissi star system

The parents

Avgi and Thissi are the two stars that light the skies of Hydria. Five major celestial bodies dance around them   Avgi, the father, shines his brilliant red-white light in the shores of the Mesohydrian Sea, making each dawn a wondrous display of reds and purple colours which rise from the east.
Thissi, the mother, takes the place of Avgi slowly as the day progresses dressing the horizons with a blue-green shine and her blue-white light. As Hydria turns to face the beauty of Melianthe nebulae the west is covered in a vale or blue, green and purple light across the mountains.

The children


The ever-burning Pyra a planet a third of the size of Hydria which flies through the ether so close to his eternal parents to the point which she shares their life-giving fire. In the night sky of Hydria, Pyra appears to be burning bright, almost as bright as the stars being born in the forges of the Melianthe nebulae.


Hydria is the home for mortals and gods in the world. A lush planet, host to green valleys, tall and proud forests, cyan seas, and the darkest of mountains. Home a million species and wonders beyond imagining.

According to the ancient texts Hydria is a lustrous continental planet with an atmosphere rich in oxygen and a thick outer layer which protects it from the harsh rays of the two suns and the nebulae surrounding it.
Due to the location of the planet, its surface is never under actual darkness. During the day cycle the planet is lit by the two suns which happen to revolve around each other every 6 hours. During the evening the sun is lit by the nebulae which neighbours the Avgi-Thissi star system. Due to the ionised gases of the nebulae and the continuous eruptions and fusions of the relatively-close stars, the skies remain somewhat lit to the point that someone can travel at night with ease.


Nefeli is a verdant green world which revolves around Hydria, so close that when it passes between Hydria and Avgi or Thissi the skies darken for hours. During night-time, Nefeli shines a bright green and blue and covers 1/20th of the night sky when in full view.


Vrahos the imposing giant. The guardian of life. All All celestial bodies are herded by his immense power. He is the big brother of the family. Surrounded by myriads of fragments from worlds that will never form. It is said that he, in many ways, is the reason that Hydria is protected by any dangers coming from the heavens.


Potamos the blue, a mighty giant overlooking from afar. The estranged member of the family remains elusive and most nights can hardly be spotted in the brilliantly lit skies over Hydria.

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