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You gazed down into the abyss of reality and so it has gazed down into you. Did your progenitors not warn of monsters in the dark? Nevertheless, it matters little now. You will always see and so may be seen. I'll be watching so don't be a bore, do come and talk again soon.
— A many eyed voice to a man


  When one is looking about it is easy to miss something. The eye does not glide from focus to focus smoothly, but rather, skips from one point to another. It takes effort to look closer, and sometimes training. Even still! many things go unnoticed, it is after all so much easier, safer, to deny, deny, deny. Those that do Look will See, and that is not a thing that can be undone.        


  One who has been Starstruck will experience an ability to see beyond what other mortals can comprehend. mild to severe hallucinations. They may be affected physically by magical injuries as the bizarre and unfamiliar nature of the places and things from beyond leave a mark on them. stress induced symptoms. These physical effects may include developing claws and or scales, reduced hygiene of nails and skin, an alteration of appearance from overexposure to high concertation of unharnessed energies, inability to regulate pigmentation in some or all body parts, generation of additional limbs or features, tumors, and a resistance or immunity to foreign energies and/or substances that may be harmful. and an increased ineffectiveness of medicines and spells for calming of patients.  


  Intense treatment is unnecessary, Intense treatments are imperative, simply normal positive interaction with family and comrades can lessen concentration on the beyond. transfer to a specialized facility or a estate with necessary resources is important to the search for a cure. If there is worry over a otherworldly being having interest in an individual a protection charm may be acquired to hide them from any cleric, priest, or medicine man/woman of high ability and good repute. If you are concerned about getting one you can send a letter to █████████████ we will refund any cost. It is unadvised to give patients charms or other protection items and thereby support the delusion of being watched or observed be some unseen person or being.  
  • As█████████
  • Alihandra Head Medical Alchemist of ██████ institute.
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