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Mercury, a shining metal that is liquid at room temperature. It has been used in paint and thermometers and is striking to look at. However, that is not all, for Mercury seeps into skin like a thief and poisons the body and mind. The cause of an artists withering and hatters madness. Alas, this is alike to the nature of life, a glistening pool of rippling silver that your life and sanity glides in a boat across. You may never touch it, it is perfectly alright to guide your craft nimbly into your sunset years without dipping into the madness. Do not look and it will not find you. Then again, should you seek it, you may be plunged in and dragged deep, unable to return as you were.
  Hydragyrum is a tabletop RPG setting being developed with a desire for easy genre versatility, so both a horror/intrigue game and a high fantasy/adventure game could feasibly happen in the setting at the same time, nearby even. This is planned to be done through a combination of overall setting tone and optional addon game systems.   At the moment, the world is mostly flavor text but the plan is a functional, marketable setting.

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Oh dear what now? (a group of interconnected oneshots)

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

That... is not a bear (anymore at least)