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Born from a falling star alongside the dragon Hákon, Jackalopes are a new species of animal that are mainly found among the islands of the Revolving Sea. They are easily identified by both their big ears and their spiral horns, as well as their white coat of fun. Although herbivorous and more likely to flee than fight, when provoked they can be vicious.   The Corkoa tribe were able to quickly domesticate jackalopes and use them as beasts of burden to help pull their settlement around and between the islands.  

The Power of Ice

  Much like Hákon, the jackalopes have some control over ice. When their hooves touch water, it immediately freezes. Since the freezing is limited to the area touched by the hoof, jackalope tracks over bodies of water are easily distinguishable. Thanks to this ability they are even able to cross between different islands, and it is why they are valued by the Corkoa.   Jackalopes will dip their horns into water and quickly lift it up, freezing the water around it. This creates a layer of ice around the horn. While the increased weight does slow down the jackalope, it is only noticeable if there is a jackalope without ice on their horn for comparison. It has been observed that jackalopes are more prone to stand their ground and fight when their horns have a coating of ice.  

Social Dynamics and Reproduction

Jackalopes live in herds of up to ten adult females. Outside of the mating season, different herds make no real attempt to avoid each other, during mating season they will avoid each other when possible. Adult males are solitary, though some have been observed to follow herds of females from a distance even outside of mating season.   Mating season features horn to horn battles between male jackalopes for the right to mate with a herd. These battles always take place in some proximity to a body of water, so that the horns can be reinforced with ice. If the pregnant females can't find a cave or den to give birth in, they will dig out small recessions in the ground.
Heavenly Origins
  The jackalope share their celestial birth with the dragons, tower trees, red dancers, and radiant gemstones.
A Symbol of Power
It did not take long for jackalope horns to become symbolic of resourcefulness and strength. This spread was only accelerated by Hákon using jackalope horns as part of his crest as an acknowledgement of their paired birth.  
Power of Rejuvenation
  Somehow, the damaged horns of a jackalope will be able to recover and grow back if damaged or even removed. It is accepted as yet another reminder that the jackalopes came
From the Author
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Author's Notes

Thank you for reading the article, please let me know what you thought of it. I'd especially appreciate feedback about the types of information present, first time I'm writing an article about an animal like this.   If you're looking for something to read next, try tower trees to see another organism of celestial origin and the impact it has had.

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