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The Hirzeni are the people of Hirzen. They can be divided into two main groups, the Plateau Hirzeni who live on the White Plateau, and the Coastal Hirzeni who live in the lower part of the country. Although they share many similarities and live near each other, the difference in their environments has naturally led to a variety of other differences between them.  

Housing and Travel

  It is important to seek out heat in a place like the White Plateau, so the Plateau Hirzeni live around the hot springs. Houses are either built inside the springs themselves or underground, close enough to take in the warmth. Travel above ground is only done when needed, usually to gather supplies. When they do travel, they either take a boat along the Ruya River, or travel underground. And they always travel prepared, or overprepared in the perspective of just about everyone else.   Without the oppression of frequent blizzards, the Coastal Hirzeni can enjoy various freedoms such as making above ground buildings. Having access to the the Revolving Sea makes it easier to travel and trade.

No Writing Needed

  The Hirzeni have no written language. Loremasters are entrusted with the transmission of culture between generations, each settlement will have at least one loremaster and their apprentice. While loremasters help with legal matters and tracking trade, there are also judges and accountants who memorize their specific subject. A small village will only have a loremaster, but the cities have a circle of loremasters, judges, and accountants each.
  A majority of the Hirzeni are cephal and talpman, especially the Plateau Hirzeni, who mainly live either underground or underwater.
On Quipu
  The quipu is an important tool for the Hirzeni, serving as a way to encode information using only string and knots. The khipu kamayuq are loremasters charged with memorizing the oral account paired with a particular Quipu, mainly the ones dealing with matters such as lineage and history.
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10 Aug, 2021 23:39

The alternative to writing is quite amazing.

11 Aug, 2021 17:13

Thanks. Though as a disclaimer the quipu and khipu kamayuq actually comes from our world, they were used by the Inca. Apparently even today some shepherds still use quipu to keep track of their sheep.