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Hybrid Horizon

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We are in the planet Earth. Though some things have changed while others stayed the same; new races of sapient half human, half animals now coexist with humans; this was the result of an uprising against the human in which the Demihumans won but in the process lots of the technology and infrastructure got destroyed, the result was a society that was brought back to the 19th-22st century depending on the aspect of technology talking about the most affected by the destruction caused by the The Century War, in which despite no nuclear devices were deployed the destruction was immense. with most of the non renewable resources depleted, the task of rebuilding is long and hard.   However the progress is mostly complete, only a few pockets of the world are still under the control of bloodthirsty barbarians who may be of any species.   Many political systems were reintroduced because of this sliding between democracies to despotic rules, between secular and religiously backed.