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Pre-conditioned behavioral sindrome

Also know as "the shackles" "the programming" "the binding" "the dead master complex" turns an otherwise sensible and functional demihuman into an unthinking machine.

Transmission & Vectors

The condition can be hereditary as certain families are more prone to have these conditions, but there's also the argument that nurture also plays in the possibilities of the condition to develop to disfunctional levels. the affliction is also linked to a damaged or underdeveloped Frontal Lobe


The cause is hard to pin point, situations of extreme stress, upbringing and heredity appear to be the main factors contributing to the creation of an effected subject.


The condition results in an exaggerated behavior reminiscent to the function the species had during their times of slavery; depending on the species, it can result in extreme dependency, violent behavior, obsessive compulsive disorder and ferality (animalistic behaviour reminiscent of whichever animals is the patient descended from)


There are medications available for those who have the problems, but there might be a resistance to take the medication: however a self aware patient will also seek mental health or seek other methods to keep the condition in check. Family support is important


if untreated on time the condition can escalate to the point that individial loses all capacity or reason and becomes an automaton, depending onthe species, this can manifest as

Affected Groups

Anyone can be affected, but the most common age to show symptom is during the teeange years.


Medication, family support and therapy can do great things to prevent the sindrome to escalate to disfunctional levels.


None really knows, but the first documented cases cropped up shortly after the lliberation of the demihumans as many of them were unable to live beyond their conditioning.

Cultural Reception

Individuals affected by this condition are tolerated or shunned depending on the variation and severity of the condition.

Chronic, Acquired

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