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How to get married the gavroki way.

From start to finish.

It wasnt well defined at first, but over the decades, conventions and expectations emerge from the ritual.


The stages emerged more or less naturally as a consequence of the careful and family oriented nature of gavrokis, they tend not to rush in to the grip of passion quickly, as they have customs to minimize the chances.


1st stage: Courtship: the coupe sees each other an manifest interestin advancing further in the relationship.   2nd stage: Trial: in this instance their interest in getting married is made more or less public. at this stage The groom and bride live together with one of the prospect's family or both; this is to test the compatibility of both prospects and families, this goes on for a year or 2 if they decide to get married; preparations start, the wedding costs are covered by the each family if that's possible.   3rd stage: the wedding: The groom and the bride are expected to each greet their respective guests, but each in a separate or in turns if the rooms are in scarcity, the guests are greeted with foods and drinks But not the Groom and bride pair, they remain separated; during this each is expected to spend the last moments of singledoms with their family, sharing a meal which is often then same food that the guest consume.   Later, while still remaining separated they are expetced to participate in a question and answers game (which is transmitted to the guests) where they are asked questions about the other, if the answer is wrong by any of the participants, BOTH will have to eat or drink something very unpleseant; that will obviously spur laughs from the part of the guests. After the game, the groom and the bride can finally see each other during the wedding in which they are asked one last time if they are willing to follow though, if they agree, the last part of the ritual is for both to make a braid with 2 ribbons (representing each wedded and their families) and a silver thread, once the braid is completed, they are considered married, the braid is presented to the parents of each wedded, later on that braid becomes a priced family possession, with the ceremony completed the party can really begin, music plays dances are done and if they want, The groom and the bride can finally be on their own in private.   4th stage. aftermath. The wife and husband have earned the social right to wear ear and horn jewelry (shaped like braid or a knot not only they marks their status, it also signals that these individuals are off-limits to singles.

Components and tools

Threads representing the groom and bride's family, a thread of silver or gold, white outfits for the groom and bride, something very unpleasant to eat or drink, time and money


The groom, the bride, and their families and guests which are often a lot.

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28 Jul, 2018 18:15

This is fun! I really like that games are a part of the tradition and that the couple is given many chances to decide if marriage is truly what they want.

28 Jul, 2018 18:42

It's neat that they don't rush into it with such a emotionally driven manner.

28 Jul, 2018 19:05

Their are rational and meticulous like that, my favorite

28 Jul, 2018 20:15

Interesting! How did the games evolve? Who started them?

28 Jul, 2018 20:18

Lost in time, but It was both fun and as a way to test how good communication is, it also serves to give the message that mistakes will be paid for by both.