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Freedom day

During the week of June 14 demihumans celebrate their sudden liberation, youngsters and children skip school, adults may stop working or take a smaller workload to participate in the celebrations.   200 or so years ago a demihuman only known as Pietro liberated the demihumans from their control implants, those either induced pain or killed the misbehaving demihuman. During the first years of the demihuman freedom chaos and riot engulfed the world, and society for the most part ground into a halt. it took 100 years for the world to return to some kind of normalcy after 100 years of conflicts popping out in all parts of the world.   the celebrations happen in and out of their houses with feasts, some may exchange gifts, public performances recreating the history of the process from the first demihuman to their eventual liberation from direct human control. other public performances would be available. Important public figures would give speeches that are transmitted far and wide, even if the speech was originally given in a private room.     Not everything is positive. sometimes the celebrations can be marred by assaults on humans who were not part of the Celebration, as such it is reccomended for humans to stay away from the hot spots.   However, the animosity towards humans is only on rare cases because often the humans living now are the descendants of those people who stayed neutral or supported the demihuman autonomy cause in some way.   According to scholars, the deactivation of the control device happened at 11:59 am GMT so when its that time, on the 14th of June, regardless of region the loudspeakers say the famous words the liberated demihumans heard right before their chip were permanently disabled, as the message originally was said in Spanish, English, Russian, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, French, Japanese, Portuguese and NeoEsperanto. the message was roughly "You are free, the control device inside of you is permanently disabled, your life is yours now."   is normal for emotions to flare up and eyes to get wet, sometimes there's an invitation to pay respect to the lives lost during the period of slavery and the following conflicts.


It began shortly after the Freedom day itself happened small gatherisngs and celebration but over time it escalated to the current magnitude.

Components and tools

Props: Broken chips, Growing Vats, shackles, uniforms, costumes   Food: Torch shaped candy and sweets representing the passing/sharing of the torch of civilization.
It was common for demihumans to contact separatists groups and support those groups in exchange for granting citizenship to demihumans. as such the demihuman relationship with humans is complex.
"Last time I assisted to the public celebrations, I had a great time but I was really tired afterwards. I thought it was appropriate to dress up as my great great-great-grandfather, combat medic in the Battle of the Vatican"   Zavier Kurasisto, Kuamera, 27 years old. year 2532

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25 Apr, 2018 11:21

Sounds like a very important tradtition! It was interesting to read about both the positive and the sorrowful aspects of this event.

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25 Apr, 2018 13:28

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