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Fallout Vindictus Sidequest: Derailed

Derailed is a side-quest mission in The Fallout Vindictus Series which protagonist Jeremiah must perform.  


  • Must have High Affinity With Vincent
  • Must have Completed all 12 of Vincent’s Convoy Missions

Quick walkthrough

  • Speak to Vincent in Cock Lock and Load
  • Travel to the BoS settlement location.
  • Eliminate the target.
  • Report your success and bring the re-stolen goods back to Vincent at Doc Soames office

Detailed walkthrough

After gaining High Affinity with Vincent following the completion of all his Convoy missions, this quest can be obtained by the player by visiting his gun shop three days after the latter closes it following completion of Power Play. After the three days are up, the player will receive a radio signal telling them that Vincent must speak with them pertaining about something he was working on for the Player. To proceed with the quest the Player must travel to [i]Cock Lock and Load when the daytime cycle switches to night.   From there the player will arrive at CLL and a cutscene will play where the player discovers the door kicked in and the place trashed. Upon entering the building, the player will discover the wares they have spent playthroughs gathering are gone and Vincent is laying behind the counter in a pool of blood.   The player can do two things after this discovery  
  • 1-Use a stimpack- a mini cutscene of the player stabbing him in the chest will play similar to a companions revival after they sustain to much damage
  • 2-Preform CPR-a QTE mini-game, which must be successfully preformed. After 3 button misses Vincent will die and the mission will be over.
  After successfully resuscitating Vincent, the player will talk to him: Vincent will tell the player that a few hours before (he is unsure of the time) a convoy of Brotherhood of Steel members came by to take back what Vincent (and the Player) had been stealing from them, almost at the cost of Vincent's life when the Ghoul refused to give it up and the BoS proceeded on beating him half to death.  
Vincent (1)
by Hero-forge
  A injured Vincent will then guide the player to the body of a BOS solider who’s visor is broken by a screw driver shoved into his eye. The player must then search the corpse to find the USB the player will put into their Pipboy. These cords will point the player to the BoS’s hideout and Vincent will ask that they be dealt with before the latter faints and a cutscene shows the player dropping him off at the Doctors Quarters.   To complete the objective, the player must travel to the BoS hideout and eliminate the marked boss. Additonal enemies as they are related to side mission objective's will help the player to gain more money following its completion, if the player kills a certain number of them. With the threat neutralized, the player must then retrieve the stolen goods and escape in a Vehicle parked outside.   After the player successfully evades the remaining BoS they must report back to Doc Soames who is aiding Vincent to turn in the quest; it will be completed immediately afterwards.  


  • Variable amount of money.


  • The player unsuccessfully revives Vincent
  • The player is killed
  • The player is caught by any of the guards surrounding the compound upon first entry
  • The players vehicle sustains to much damage and explodes
  • The player abandons the vehicle during the chase (in the event the player falls out of the car they have 10 seconds to get back in or be gunned down)

Trivia and Special NPC animations.

  • This is the only time in the game that the player can control a BoS issued vehicle; upon completion of the mission Doc Soames will comment on how much of a pity the vehicle being totaled is. It will once again be brought up when Vincent express’s is displeasure on not being able to *Take the new Toy* for a spin. This is thought to be because BoS issued vehicles require special attention that many of the denizens of the Wastes have no experience with.
  • After The BoS Raid mission. Vinnie will express content of his guns being returned after returning home to CLL, but will openly lament over the loss of his brewery, which the player will notice is visibly smashed and broken. Gathering up enough materials will allow the player to fix it for him.
  • This is the only time the player will hear Vincent speak Italian. Should the player go up to where the latter sleeps in the Doc’s patient area, one can faintly hear him mumble something in Italian. Despite this the player will never hear him speak Greek.
  • While in Doc Soames Office, there is a Character named Agnesha who will keep vigil over the bed Vincent lay's in. Agnesha will pop up twice in this mission. Once will be on her motobike outside the shop, where she will take Vincent after he talks to the player, to Doc Soames. The second time will be when the player enter's Doc soames office after completion of the Mission, where she can be found when the player returns as a small sleeping figure beside Vincet's bed who immediately wakes up when player comes closer.
  • An additional looping animation may also play where Agnesha will switch between laying on her arms too then extending an arm to play with the fingers of Vincent's bionic arm
  • There is also a special animation that play's, where if the player doesnt holster their gun and instead points it at Vincet, Agnesha will start growling. The longer the player holds it, the more agitated she gets. If the player holsters the weapon she visibly relaxes and the looping animation will commence playing again. If the player stay's near Vinnies bed and does not holster his weapon for some time, she will rise up from the bed and attack the player. She will cease attacking if the player get's far enough away returning to the bed once again.

Special Fanart of Mission: Vincent and Agnesha

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