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Hunters of the Frost WECOME TO THE SUURN

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The Hunters of the Frost world is based on The Conquering Echo, the first book in the Hunters of the Frost series due to be available in the end of 2022.
  World Anvil articles are currently in development and will focus on a "tour" design for visiters to travel to the locations in the book, experience the cultures, learn about the equipment used by the rangers, see labs where the Neaderthals are made and talk with the locals. All visitors will require a Taroweep level security clearance to enter Rikel Station. Please check back for updates.


Thank you for visiting Rikel Station. It is our pleasure to show Star Thistle Enterprises facilities. Make sure to click the map point to dock at Rikel Station for orientation. Then explore. Visit the Neanderthal Gene Lab to see how our bio engineered Neanderthals are manufactured. Stop by the Otumu Conservatory and Ranger station, talk with locals at the AntiFreeze bar or take a safari through the Suurn tundra valley.

Dock in Rikel Station