Repairing and Resting

A tank has two important thresholds: DT (Damage Threshold) and OST (OS Threshold). These will suffer damage during the adventure. While the DT represents the physical damage and can be fixed by repairs, the OST represents the psychological damage and needs to be fixed by resting.  


You can attempt to repair yourself or other tanks. Every repair check takes thirty minutes. During this time, you can’t use your weapon or move much – it is counted as an interaction check. That means that you can’t do any repairs while participating in a battle – if you are for any reason forced to do another interaction check, your have to interrupt your repair attempt and it is an automatic failure.   If you roll two or more 1s during a repair check, as per the rolling rules, your MM may decide that instead of fixing something, you mess it up more. The opposite applies to rolling two or more 10s. A tank’s dice pool to repair itself or others is its MechaniCon score + Dexterity score.   The TN to repair a tank is 11, minus the target tank’s maximum DT, plus its current points of damage. (Maximum TN 10, minimum TN 2.)   If the repair check is successful, the tank repairs 1 point of DT damage. A tank’s current DT can never exceed its maximum DT this way.


For example, a tank with a maximum DT of 17 and 3 points of damage (making its current DT 14) has a repair TN of (11-17+3). The TN to repair the tank is 2.



If you fail a repair check, you can repeat it without any penalties. This takes another thirty minutes.


Spare Parts can be used to aid in repairing damage. One unit of spare parts can be used to automatically pass a repair check. They are consumed in the process. Such spare parts need to be suitable for the tank they are used on. When you acquire spare parts, your MM will tell you which tanks they are suitable for.



To fix OST damage, you need time to destress. A battlefield is usually a bad place for this.   There are two ways of resting:   Sleeping, which basically means powering down your core for at least 4 consecutive hours. When you sleep for 4 hours without interruption, your OST is restored to its maximum value at the end of the rest. There are no ability checks needed for sleeping.   Unwinding, which means getting away from the action for a bit and composing yourself. Unwinding requires an ability check that takes 10 minutes to complete.   The dice pool for this check is your Mentality score + your Buffer score. The TN is 11, minus your maximum OST, plus your current OST. (Maximum TN 10, minimum TN 2.) Noisy environments can impair a tank’s ability to unwind and raise the TN by 2, unless the tank passes a Buf check (TN 6).   A successful Unwinding check restores 1 point of OST damage, up to the tank’s maximum OST. A failed Unwinding check can be repeated. This takes another ten minutes, and the check is done with one d10 fewer each time. The second attempt would be made with one d10 fewer, the third with two fewer, and so on. Any successful check breaks this chain.   You can only make Unwinding checks for yourself, not for other tanks.


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