• First Release
  • Fixed wrong current load limit on example character sheets.
  • Added link to Errata.
  • Renamed Host to Matchmaker
  • Added clarification that class bonuses can also increase initial ability stats above 5
  • Fixed stated number of available classes – I can’t count to 6, apparently
  • Fixed various typos
  • Changed the way repairs work
  • Clarified ramming rules
  • Changed wording on Experience and Levels section, removed max score
  • Changed damage calculation for ramming damage
  • Adjusted Damage from Strike calculation
  • Fixed character Damage from Strike on character sheets
  • Add-On Armour now also grants 1 temporary Dur
  • Changed required Size score to 6 before Dur and Mob are affected
  • OST damage range is now lower
  • Clarified description of Response Lag defect
  • Added time requirement to applying/removing Add-On Armour
  • Sloped Armour can now only be applied/removed by a mechanic or in a workshop.
  • Clarified the FP modification in Sloped Armour
  • Fixed requirements on Wide Turner and Sluggish defects
  • Added minimum distance for indirect fire
  • Changed wording on Artillery Sights feature to clarify it also works in complete darkness
  • Clarified that tanks with an Interaction Pool of 0 can’t make interactions during battle.
  • Ambushes now disallow any actions for the ambushed party in the first round.
  • Simplified moving target TN calculation


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