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The best and only Tavern and Inn in Margay!
-Englebertha Girdz- Owner
Englebertha Girdz and Her husband Mervin built Margay's only Tavern during a particularly difficult winter. Mervin earned the coin needed to turn their home into the local watering hole during the "Wishy Fishy" craze that briefly swept the country. While Mervin says it is just another way to make money the truth is he just wanted to make his wife happy. Englebertha loves cooking and taking care of all that come through the door. She is not afraid to remove anyone that ruins the joyful atmosphere she tries to always maintain. Often times she will give free stays and even food to weary travelers much to her husbands chagrin. Englebertha's adopted daughter Strawberry helps keep things clean and takes care of horses in the attached stables. More recently, Vadania Siannodel has been helping entertain guest with her natural viol, signing, and dancing skills. Englebertha rarely closes shop except on the 1st of every month when she holds the monthly meeting of the town "volunteer" watch. Like most Taverns, as long as the food and drink are plentiful, the coin is too.
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12 Mar, 2022 05:37

I really love the menu that you have and the CSS on this page!, Do want to know more about who works here and the other staff members. Overall a good article!

12 Mar, 2022 23:45

Thank you very much. originally it was just a nameless tavern but I can't wait to expand upon it more.

13 Mar, 2022 01:54

Nice job on the menu, I liked the added quote about tipping at the bottom. I am a bit curious as to why it is a "volunteer" watch. Do people need to be forced?

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13 Mar, 2022 18:07

Thank you it is developing as i continue to create but currently i am thinking it is going to be mandatory for certain citizens despite everyone insisting it is a "volunteer" organization.

14 Mar, 2022 13:11

Love the menu pic!   I'd love to hear a bit more about the tavern like the staff or the building itself. Still, great article overall!   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to check out my Tavern Challenge article if you want to see what I am up to! The Black Hare Tavern

16 Mar, 2022 01:02

Glad you like it! Started as nothing notable but it is becoming it's own entity quickly in my world.

20 Mar, 2022 13:01

NGL that menu is hilarious. And giving away free board ain't a way to make a living... -,-

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20 Mar, 2022 20:32

Yea, her husband does not like when she does that. First Game session she hinted at discounting the room rates for the party and he was not having it.

23 Mar, 2022 21:32

Family dinners and restaurants have this warm and cosy atmosphere, which I feel in your article. The backstory and the menu with a dash of humour level up the atmosphere.   From the visual perspective, the warm and highly contrasting colour of the menu parchment was clashing for me with the overall cold/violet colour variants used on the page. Filling in the sidebar would also make the piece feel more whole.   But they're not deal breakers and it was fun to read. :)

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23 Mar, 2022 23:13

Thank you. It wasn't originally going to be a thing but as the campaign continued It became one and I will be adding more to it as I develop it. I am looking forward to where it goes as I iron it all out.

31 Mar, 2022 16:21

The menu is truly hilarious! Thank you for making me laugh so much! ^^

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I am glad you like it! that was the best part so far.