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Analucia Raechenzka

Analucia Gracziana Raechenzka (a.k.a. Luce)

Analucia is a thief and a very good one at that.  She has stolen works of art for her former boss at DBO - Defensive Beach Operation from all of the main 15 members of the The BFA - Business First Authority estates.  She had, before joining HSA - Homeland State Authority broken into the main information fortresses on both coasts, stolen a Pradini from the Stone City, broken into a diamond mine to uncover the list of stolen employees, and even broke out of the The Ice Ring (which she tells everyone she did for fun, even though that is the furthest from the truth.     When a job for the DBO - Defensive Beach Operation had her married to James Vladzarski, everything changed for her personally (falling in love when she wasn't supposed to was a real personal crisis for her), and sh reacted badly when they tried to take him away again, convincing James that they had to do the impossible and leave the DBO.     In her job pitch to Director Cas Drizkolat at HSA - Homeland State Authority , she broke into his office on the The HSS Lexington  and replaced the globe statue on his desk with an apple with her number written on it.  She, of course, got the call back.  For Director Cas Drizkolat getting both the wraith and the soldier out from under DBO - Defensive Beach Operation was a huge coup.     Analucia is now one of Director Cas Drizkolat most trusted agents (he likes to tease her that she is finally using her powers for good), running intelligence ops as a Level Clearance Ultra Agent with Strike Team L.


James Vladzarski

husband (Vital)

Towards Analucia Raechenzka



Analucia Raechenzka

wife (Important)

Towards James Vladzarski




These two agents were set up in an arranged marriage when they were both members of DBO - Defensive Beach Operation and while they were not necessarily supposed to keep this marriage going outside of the mission, when they moved over to HSA - Homeland State Authority they stayed married, but in secret.

Nicknames & Petnames

James calls Analucia 'Little Bird' and she calls him "Soldier", along with other standard nicknames when they are giving each other grief.  They almost never use each other's formal names.

Current Location
Currently Held Titles
James Vladzarski (husband)
Current Residence
Sanderstone Mountain Fortress
sky blue
long, wavy beach blond
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
56 uts
130 vats


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