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The Gulljor Homestead

The Gulljor Homestead. Known as the best naelle-beast taming facility in all the northeast. The Homestead has a principle estate situated between the provincial borders of Odetta Fé, Unthurria, and Bhan-úrek. The heart of the Low North. It has more than a few hundred branches situated in most regions the three kingdoms, operating as the most popular transport guild. The Homestead made a name for itself in the most recent years, by taming the Bedra. Beasts which are well-known to be very smart, sturdy, and ancient creatures. Legend remembers them as Gatekeepers to the Pale. Naelle tricksters of the Orrainitt Sea. Taming them takes quite a bit of effort. Though, the benefits to in-land export, protection, and prestige are innumerable.
Guild, Professional
Parent Organization

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Cover image: Pine forest - study by Mittmac


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