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The Aishia

All roads are paved in aishia, my friend. You just need to know where to get it.

The Rósaun Accord

As the Raunish Dominion began to spill over the peaks of Monlaeu Aussir into DUKE territory, the Second Serish-Osretin War had exploded into a bitter conflict that had swallowed the peninsula to the core. At the time the nations of Serys, DUKE, Marríz Chavia, and Hystraenia had been entered into a unified trade agreement, known as the Rósaun Accord of 1412. It permitted free trade among the nations and fostered diplomacy.
  • DUKE would open up their academies to Serish and Chavic nobles,
  • while Serys shared new technologies with Chavia and Hystraenia,
  • and the Chavia & Hystraenia provided fish, gems, spices, and produce to the Serys and Duke.
However, this agreement fell through after the disaster that would be known as the Crait Calamity, closing off the Rhys Isatia for more than 75 years. That would end in 1063 R.G. when Marc don Aunuar, 8th President of the North Crescent, offered a new proposal unto the princess of Serys, Ceire-Roslyn.
  1. Open up the Rhys Isatia, allowing free trade among all allied nations, including their cousins of the young Anrish Protectorate.
  2. Allow the NCC to set firmer roots in Serys and earn the favor of the Kaedyns.
  3. Open border communication and protection in times of strife and war.
  4. An instant non-aggression accord.
  5. And lastly a new unified currency system.

Why did Serys acquiesce to these demands?

The basis was to create a unified front, all the while profiting the NCC. The Geuls had gathered the support of San Riaune and Kydair in their conquest, devouring the Geul Archipelago and divorcing the Rhys Isatia. An open trade network and uniform confederation could fix this problem, but the five Kol systems of currency was an utter mess. A DUKE Kol could be worth hundreds of thousands in Hystraenia yet be a few measly hundreds as compared to the Chavic Montta. The disparity was glaring.  

So who profited the most from this?

Well, Serys. The Unified Principality stood to profit the most as the Rhys Isatia ran straight through its marrow, centralizing traffic to the Bhalltaira Ghwim. Having a streamlined currency made trade simpler and more efficient, while infuriating the Rauns; it was a win-win-win for Serys. Thus a new policy was formulated, the Aishia System (Ai), using the Ayr of the Eddos Javéia (The Second Kingdom of the White Dawn Era) and the Cardinal 12 as a base of value.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Conversion Rate:

The Conversion rate was based on the Ayr coin's value, seeing as it is the only remnant of the Third Kingdom's currency from pre-Exodus Hawthorne. The number 12, or Cardinal 12 is in reference to the 12 great dynasties of the An Kyta Royct (The Four Kingdoms).
  • 1 Ayr coin = 1,200,000,000 Ai (10 Orra/Wrí)
  • 1 Orra/Wrí coin = 120,000,000 Ai (100 Län)
  • 1 Län coin = 1,200,000 Ai (10 Hría)
  • 1 Hría coin = 12,000 Ai (100 Éron)
  • 1 Éron coin = 120 Ai (10 Aum)
  • 1 Aum coin = 12 Ai


A coin made from Aurbanc (white gold) mined of the Chabhaíonh mountains in the Oues (west). It is a considerably malleable metal when introduced to magickal flames, a most luminous white gold pale as the snow. It's ethereal beauty and rarity has earned the nickname “Gilded Snow” by the common people. The Aurra is shaped like a polygon with an azure wraith etched onto the front and the words "great fire" etched onto the back.


A coin made of Vreiu (emerald root), a hardened root of Aungul trees and mixed with a bit of dusksilver. It's a jade-tinged coin in the shape of a six petal flower. There is a Redthorn tree etched on the back and the druid word for queen "Wry" on its front. (The root of the Aungul is oft known as 'twisted elegance')


A coin made of pure länihm (dusksilver) from the heart of Dhúpras. Dusksilver is fairly shadowy for metal, like the gloom that sets in afore the coming night. The hints of midnight darken the silver and give off a much more somber aura. An emerald-eyed N'Aubrem holding a crown in its maw serves as the symbol of this coin's front, while the other side depicts the face of Heindhal, the Father of Death.


A coin made up of hrédunne (drake bronze) ore from the mines of Syelvanic Isles and Rúdarran. It is the most prominently used metal in the world second only to iron and copper. It is a deep reddish-brown metal gleaming like drake's blood. The coin is a round shape in design, thin with the Rúdarran mountains on its face and the motto of their respective nations on its back.


A piece just above the lowest form of currency in Hawthorne, made of an iron known as "Éroncol" (demon tail). Its a thick coin in the shape of a rounded diamond with a hole in the center, an orfia eating grass on the from, and the word "Pärraich" etched on the back.


The lowest form of currency in the Hawthorne. It is referred to as the "commoner's piece" as it is simply a round coin of brungól (copper) with a hole in its center.


The four most prominent magickal ores ever utilized in Hawthorne's history are Aurbanc, Vreiu, Dusksilver, and Hrédunne. These assorted idols are the pillars of most if not all currency systems used in the proximity of Hawthorne and abroad. They react only in the presence of magick. So other than runes, magickal metals are the only other material that allows such great technological advancement in this age.
Item type
Currency & Deeds
Current Location
  1. Aurbanc is a metal oft reserved for the most revered heroes, nobility, and wealth. It is said that it would take more than two lifetimes for a normal commoner to see such a thing. Gilded Snow can only be from the mountain caverns of the Chabhaíonh.
  2. Vreiu is a mineral somewhat more common than Gilded Snow but no less rare. It is something that can only found in the Ashen Frontier in areas where Aungul trees are copious, so it is a currency that is unique to the East.
  3. Dusksilver and Hrédunne are metals more prominent to Hawthorne as a whole than the previous two. Dusksilver, in particular, can only be found in the Koldairn Peninsula while Hrédunne is prominent in the caverns of the southern Syelvanic Isles and Arbeylla.
  4. Éroncol and Aumré, on the other hand, are metals that are not rare in the slightest. They can be found in almost any cave in the continent.
Note: An Ayr coin quite completely dwarfs the value of the Orra by 10 times. It's incredibly rare. 10 Orra or 1,200,000,000 billion Aum is the equivalent of 1 Ayr coin. A good 10 Hría (120,000 Ai) is enough to buy a home in Hystraenia, while 4 Éron (480 Ai) is enough for a good meal any decent inn. Honestly even a royal might not see one for several lifetimes let alone centuries.

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