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Lord of the South the Dragon be, Land of the Amber Sea

The Dragon's South

Most of the Principality sits in Siudrairn, 'the Dragon's South.' Unlike the Royseu, which is known for its metals, gems, and furs. Siudrairn can be considered the Federation's "amber garden." Comprised of a little over 30% of the motherland's terrain, Siudrairn is enormous. Just imagine, an ample pocket of land. One chock-full of open valleys, meadows, and fields sprinkled in moderate snowy-white kobèa (whitewood trees). And, bright thickets of téfinnua (redthorn trees) here and there.   The Siudrairn, the most pastoral region in all of the North, was a hotly disputed sphere for centuries. There, many serene rivers and creaks cut through large swaths of amber-grass and glaeu. The blue waterways flowed in from the Monlaeu Ausir, forming the copious small lakes and ponds up north. Its many dell and flatlands made it ripe for farming. While trees like the whitewoods, redthorns, and bonewillows. Provided spices, lumber, fruits, and nuts.   The region was bound in 13 F.O. (1487 B.A.), by the young Reveca cè Easoddar. One of the more well-known of Manon's descendants. Reveca led her armies to war against the Untúrsa and Alkodhéen peoples of the regions. Surely, hoping to make a name for herself, where her father, Seirre Gann Easoddar, had failed. The red wolves of Unthurria had already claimed many lives. And for a time, it seemed Reveca would be no different...


The Siudrairn can be divided into three major regions: The Prachuara, The Tírraell, and The Féteuragh  

The Prachuara

The 'Dark Meadows' comprises most of the Siudrairn's eastern terrain. It's an area that sits right near the timberline, mild but uneven. This series of grasslands going up toward the Royseu is broken up by small hills. They, hidden away by gapping thickets of kobèa trees. And, the rest covered up by ample beds of glaeu (blue roses), and corthuara (ravens' tail). The provinces of Hraethur and Prasdun Aoll reside here.

The Tírraell

The 'Luminous Thickets' comprises most of the Siudrairn's northwestern terrain. This area is far smoother than the Meadows. Yet has no land as flat as the Féteuragh. Here you'll find many fruit trees, woods like that of the kobèa, tefinnua, and biaulann. This lesser grove is particularly spacious and is home to small game like the aungoc and orfia. And yet whispers of larger, more savage naelle beasts persist, mythic fiends such as the Geilaern. The province of Unthurria resides here.

The Féteuragh

The 'Pasture' comprises most of the Siudrairn's southwestern terrain. Where most of the southwest is orchard land, the northwest is perfect for pasture and farming, just endless fields of eternal amber-green. Where the grasses are ideal for grazing, the dark soil sings of life, and rivers cut through the land like crystal blue highways. This broad treeless expanse goes out toward Koldairn's western coast. The province of Tyrraeu Cèrr resides here.
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