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Shaisleán Aerínnoss

Castle Evergarden

Shasleán Aerínnoss, or "Castle Evergarden," is a Bhryvairian Era castle of more than 800 years. Located to the southwest in Prasdun Aoll, the 3rd province of the Cèrez Principality in Siudrairn, Aerínoss lies west of the Rhís Brydannia in the holy city of Lainni Gaún-Kobhè. While today, Aerínnoss may serve as the social center of Shais Cullíne Academy, Gaún-Kobhè's 5th magister school.   Though, in those days long past, Shasleán Aerínnoss was no children's school hall.   There was once a small town of timber, a lowly place, sitting west of Rhís Brydannia. There the soil sang of life, dark and full, farmlands of more than a hundred years. The lands were veiled by grass, shimmering a greenish amber. While thickets teemed with game, the smell of peaceful nature. Only here did noble and commoner sit side by side, working fields sown with sweet grånnél and grazing onddarri.   'Gaún-Kobhè'   However, there within lie another place, a miserable slum the people dubbed Dauchlaéne Shauillèu. It had been growing for decades, a decaying log feeding the numerous little mongrels that lived there. To the Cèrysh of generation's past, those haggard few who still remember the cesspool of sin known as the 'Blue Blood' District. Dúin Shauillèu, Fort Blue-Blood, was no simple fort. A forgotten garrison, yes, worn by the ages and crumbling to time. But also, the vaunted cage Dacons kept their sin and misbegotten.   Marked, cast away, and supposedly forgotten.

Purpose / Function

The Hill Tower (643 ~ 670 FO)
Over the last millennia, Shaisleán Aerínnoss has grown from a mere tower in the agrarian southwest to a holy citadel of Cèrysh husbandry and discipline. Known formerly as Twúrn Kullín Ghlos in the middle Bhryvarian, 579 FO to 940 FO. 'Tower Green Hill' served as a bulwark against beasts and criminals coming from the Royseu. With miles of flatland for eyes to see and Ån Ghlossyr set firmly to the south. Twúrn Kullín Ghlos was a great signal for oncoming dangers making their way down south, allowing Cèrysh to keep watch along the Brydannia.  
Cullíne's Manor (803 ~ 921 FO)
As the fight for Ycère bled into the south, a group of blue-bloods calling themselves the Cythairra Sanuiell, 'Knights of Bright Blood,' took hold of the fort. Having taken over the city, the Cythairra made Fort Blue-Blood the center of their operations. After the addition of new fortifications, such as an armory, dungeon, reinforced walls, training halls, and throne room. It was renamed Shaisleán Cullíne, Cullíne's Manor, serving as the vaunted headquarters of the Easoddar bastard, Cèrrion Íora I.
Fort Blue-Blood (725 ~ 796 FO)
Having built a new tower along the Rhís Brydannia, Tower Green Hill fell out of use for some decades before the hands of the Blue Hall claimed the land. Left to crumble and rot in the Dauchlaéne Shauillèu, it was built and expanded upon by the priests of Lainni Ormónall as an orphanage. Though, in time it came to serve a more 'furtive' purpose. A cage for dacons and priests to send their baseborn children. A fort, of blue-blood.        
Castle Evergarden (950 FO ~ Current)
Today, Shasleán Aerínnoss is the center structure of the Shais Cullíne Academy, a religious institution for the young and gifted. Falling under the preview of the Blue Hall once more, Castle Evergarden is the main arena for young mages looking to join the ranks of Lainni Ormónall, The Ministry of Will and Discipline, the Magisterium, Hwais Alystaer, or the Cythairra.
Founding Date
638 to 643 FO (-892 to -857 B.A.)
Alternative Names
Twúrn Kullín Ghlos (Middle Bhryvairian), Dúin Shauillèu (Late Bhryvairian), Shaisleán Cullíne (Crown)
College / Academy
Parent Location
Owning Organization

Shauillèu- "blue blood, bastard"

Shauillèu, a colloquial derogatory term referring to Cèrysh and Nurnish born bastards of Daconic houses, a Bhryvarian Era term first used in Koellyn.
  • Bastards were marked as "Shauillèu" in parish registries, wearing it as a surname.
  • They were oft cast away or sold to Dauchlaéne.
  • Noble bastards were all but expected.
  • Dacons were, however, held to an almost sanctimonious status. Shauillèu would destroy their reputation.

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Author's Notes

Dauchlaéne- "lake domain"

Dauchlaéne is a derogatory term, referring to any district or community of 'high crime' and 'low character.' These lesser neighborhoods, not to be confused with Bethairn, are oft situated as gray markets amongst former legionnaires, magisters, and saddai.
  • The term itself comes from the second-largest market area in Koellynn's capital city, Dfullé Chéud, or the 'Orchard of the Fire Leaf.'
  • The Llys Dauchlénne Marcae sits on Lauc Llydhín, the Lake of Garden Lilies. A well known gray market amongst former magisters, providing "fenced" goods, information, and so-called "lauc work."

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