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Cythairra Sanuiell

They are the cythairra, Sanuiell's Cerulean Knights, the Brave Kin of Blue Blood

The Knights of Blue Blood

The Serish Division of Magisters, better known as the SDM, is a state-authorized department situated across the entirety of the Serish Principality. These magisters are highly trained mages designated as state agents and provincial law enforcement, making the protection of the Unified Principality of Serys and its people their highest priorities. A unique blend of detective and executioner, magisters aren't your everyday lawmen but a well-renown organization tasked with the policing of all Serish provinces. Each branch is given full authority by the Chonceill daé Mhauria to investigate crimes situated within the boundaries of their home province. Prosecuting saddai (murderers), executing criminal agents and arresting citizens who prove disruptive to civil order, magisters enforce the law of the land with a strict, calculating precision. Their authority stretches even to the Rangers' Guild, the SDM being authorized in the regulation of any and all cases going into the organization's hands.



The members of the SDM can be divided their magisters into 4 major subclasses: Tseirda (lord), Kyrrai (shadow), Aundair (hunter), and Gharda (ward). Those classes are further subdivided into ranks: Céad (captain), Mórain (senior), and Jeurauch (junior).  


In general, ranks denote the experience and achievements of the members in the organization. Being that magisters work together in tight-knit four-man cells, ranks serve as an identifier of experience and skill. It's something earned. Moving between each rank is heavily dependent upon the magister's years of service regardless of species, race, or social class. The ability to lead and/or follow orders, how adept one is in wielding magick, and how well one deals with the citizenry, are criteria highly scrutinized by the organization. And yet, the skills required to move up the occupational ladder still hinges upon three components: a magister's class, unit, and the number of assignments completed.  
  1. A Jeurauch of any class would usually be those magisters with less than 5 to 6 years of experience, greenhorns who have yet to adapt to the dangers their duty may entail. They usually deal in the simpler, less life-threatening cases. They are the ones accompanied by a senior, listening to the orders, and milling about the streets becoming acquainted with the ins and outs of the city as well as the needs of the people and their unit.  
  2. A Mórain of any class would typically be magisters of more than 6 to 10 years of experience, a veteran of the organization with more than a few arrests under their belt. They have gone through the Black Affirmation and know the provincial laws like the back of their hand. It is they you see filing reports, investigating crimes, guiding their juniors, guarding the streets, carting of criminals, and visiting the local pubs.  
  3. A Céad is typically the leader of a unit, the magister with more than 10 to 20 years of experience. For every twenty mórain, only 1 of them ever becomes a céad. Leading a unit of magisters is a strenuous undertaking requiring tact, dealing with not only the leaders of the organization but nobles and the Ember Court itself. As such it is they who act as the true judge, jury, and executioner of the team, making the calls that could prevent civilian deaths or stain the streets red with saddai blood.


Unlike ranks, classes in the SDM determines the specific responsibilities of a magister:
  • The Tseirda are the white-collar agents of the organization. It is they that do all the paper, signing off on operations, meeting with the Assembly, assigning organization assets, redirecting funds, documenting mission, answering citizens, and sending out magisters. They keep the floor running so that their brothers can keep the streets safe without a second thought. (Though it isn't much of a surprise that most of this groups consist of nobles).  
  • The Gharda are first and foremost city guard. They are the ones standing front and center in every city, patrolling the streets, guarding the gates, sitting in your town's pub, and doing paperwork at the stronghold. They are the sterilized face of the organization. Their blue, white, and gold vestments are the first thing seen at any sign of danger. The gharda are the ones who take care of domestic crimes such as theft, robberies, disputes, public disturbances, civil disorder, and public discourse. They keep the peace and stop out crime.    
  • The Aundair is known as the frontline men of the SDM. They are the ones who investigate crimes dealing in homicide, smuggling, kidnappings, mage syndicates, and execution. Their cases are quite often arduous and terribly dangerous. In many respects, they are considered the gray knights of the organization, dangerous paladins of the state who protect the citizenry at any cost. Arresting or executing saddai of various evils. Be they murderers, shades, bandits, mercenaries, rangers and even former magisters, aundairs will brutally crush them all. They are the ones you go to when an injustice must be corrected to the bloody end.    
  • And lastly are the Kyrrai who deal in espionage, the black market, racketeering, treason, public enemies, information, and black ops operations. They appear no different than the aundair division to the general public. And yet, when a quiet job needs to be done and bodies need to pile to the floor, its the Kyrrai who take the call; the "Boogeymen of the Ember Court".



In the past 15 years, the SDM has seen major growth in its number of magisters since the end of the Third Seric-Osretin War. A rise in crime and paranoia has seen explosive growth in the number of magisters. Currently, as a whole, the organization's numbers have blown up from two hundred thousand to nearly four hundred thousand magisters. As of 6 a.b., the SDM has been able to divide it's magisters to around 92 magisters per 10,000 citizens. A total of around 921,600 magisters or 0.08% of the total population.  


Though this wouldn't have been possible without the SDM's steady increase in public opinion which in turn has sparked an increased of state funding by the Tanúr t'Ortaire(Capital Commerce) and great expanse in fortifications. The Black Hall receives 1,200,000 aumré or about 150 wrí a year, and the SDM's budget being a 1/4 of that. This is devoted specifically to weaponry, equipment, repairs, and training. Though that is only 40% of their budget. The rest of their funding comes from provincial taxes which they use to pay out wages.  

Building, Castles, and Fortifications

The SDM holds around 20 major stronghold around the Seric Principality, 9 of which can be considered headquaters:
  1. An Shalean d'Aur (The Gold Castle in Odetta Fé)
  2. An Twúr Yris (Yris Tower of Bhéceudh)
  3. Dúentin Autheraó d'Maritsún (The Beyonder's Fort in Jaté)
  4. Hais t'Marid Kol (House of the Demon King in Famauri Rhys)
  5. Shalean d'San Ausbyl (The Palace of East Lake City in Unthuira)
  6. Twúr Koithérian (Tower Ravenwood in Rúras)
  7. Ceille d'Nygell (Nygell's Timber of Sän Dhúpras)
  8. Sygadd Aus Hraethur (Hraethur's East Aegis)
  9. Vaillia Tseirda t'Dru (The Lord's Wall of the North in Aíwres)
  Three strongholds which were once towers under the SDM are now cities with a huge presence of magisters:
  1. Dfullé Chéud (Koelynn's Orchard of the Fire Leaf)
  2. Gellanhar (Ce Shäudyra's Bright Defender)
  3. Cepra Yhsan (Ausloc's Gem of Ysani)


The SDM came about during Na Rättesai Aínna Dhuar (The Black Hand Trials), ten years after the First Seric-Osretin War. The civil war opened up deep wounds for the Serish, bitter about their loss to those they felt were inferior. It made many feel distrustful of their fellow countrymen. Wary of those who disagreed with the union and the Assembly. For if their legionnaires couldn't protect them, who could? Thus came the SDM. Refashioned from a radical detachment of the Alistairic order and some of the best mages in the nation, Auceire-Owain Kaedyn created a militant force hellbent on maintaining public order and security. An organization who the Ember Court could use to protect the citizenry and the homeland while also hunting down and executing Osretin sympathizers, hostile ouesteren, and other saddaí (shades). And while it did greatly exasperate discrimination of the Osretin-Serish, Bloodmarked, and Hrenic-Serish many decades after their creation, it brought peace of mind to a nation rocked by a devastating loss. It was through Auceirion-Munel Kaedyn, An Aínn Dhuar t'Ceirez (The Black Hand of the Ceirez), that the newly formed order would cull thousands in the name of justice, much to the Serish peoples' content. "For if you weren't guilty, why else would the SDM be at your door?"  

Order is begotten by Aerran, the hands of Gwèun Glaeu

Magister Lausvyll II by Woryk
Founding Date
The SDM was founded at the tail end of the First Seric Osretin War, setting the precipice of the Black Hand Trials in 193 N.G.
Government, Law Enforcement
Alternative Names
SDM (abbr.), the ADC (Black Hand of Ceirez) formerly
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Head of State
Head of Government
Parent Organization
Official Languages

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