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Lainni Gaún-Kobhè

Whitewood grows in Hallowed Lands

Prasdun Aoll's Capital

Lainni Gaún-Kobhè, 'the Holy Whitewood Hamlet,' was once a small hamlet sitting on the western outskirts of Rhís Brydannia. A farming town, veiled in endless fields of soft grass. A sputtering flame, shimmering in and out like a wave of amber-green. Gaún-Kobhè was known to be a land teeming with game. With fields full of grånnél and grazing onddarri. A place enclosed by snowy thickets of kobèa (whitewood trees). And sweet téfinnua (redthorn) smelling of sugar lost among a summer breeze.   Today, Gaún-Kobhè is a holy city at the center of Cèrysh husbandry and discipline. The capital of the Prasdun Aoll. The first timber-town to earn the moniker of Lainni, 'holy,' for its efforts in the War of Blood and Crowns.


The Village Lost in White Woods

After the Cérez Principality    

The City of Light in the Fields of Amber

Long after being swallowed as a hub for Lynnic and Anrish immigrants. It rose to prominence during the War of Blood and Crowns. The beating heart of Hålaèrenn Cère, pumping fresh food through the blue veins of the kingdom. It was around this time that the city shifted its unused resources towards educating the populous. Bidding for Cèrysh magisters of immense quality.
Alternative Name(s)
Gatún Kobèa (Whitewood Hamlet)
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
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Owning Organization

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Cover image: Pine forest - study by Mittmac


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