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Heldiandai, or "Hallows," in simple terms, are divine creatures. Neither wholly benign nor malicious. Unlike their Bhaorýnn counterparts. They, too, seem bound by the chains of reason and compassion. As any sapient beast bestowed the gift of speech, they have their own bestial tongues and cultures. Many obscure to the eyes of outsiders, such as ourselves, lost beyond the timber. Too, the annals of history have proven time and time again of the Hallows' intellect.   Cunning and Ruthless.   Minds equal to and at times greater than men. They are rightly dangerous. Worthy of awe and fear by Marel and Ashborn alike.   And if that were not enough.   These sage-like beings wield dhúrai freely, conjuring their own spells and shaping them as they please. If mortals are those born and molded of dhúrai, then Heldiandai are a prime example of the world's nature.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Naming the behavior
In Cothairne culture, Hallows tend to be defined by specific actions, as these names are thus tied to them by cultural tales that denote their behavior. More, they're doers of said action.   The Bedrai are a fair example of this convention. Their name means "trickster," as they are known to trick/deceive their prey.

Scientific Name
Aiftá Heldiand
Geographic Distribution

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Cover image: Pine forest - study by Mittmac


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