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"Where white roses shrivel and become black, holding nectar of prophetic dreams and sleepless souls"


Second Largest Continent
Hawthorne is one of six continents that dot the world known as Hríonyr. One of the largest continents in the world, second only to Alora. In all its history, Hawthorne was known by numerous titles.  
  • Ån Ríogaechi, "the Old Kingdom."

  • Ån Thír Fhèagur, "the Land of Fae and Dragons."
  • Nal Branniú, "the Wretched Throne of Dragons."
  • And, Årn Thírre Ciophèana, "the Fairylands."
  It is an ancient realm, truly.   One so old its very dawn has become intertwined with the battles of men, the vaunted parables of faeries, and the horrid legends of dragons. But what is that force, the energy here? The land that so embraces magic, fed on uncertainty, and littered wholly with blackened treasures. Ones that promise nebulous and vague healing yet deals in unwanted death and far-reaching devastation.   None may know.   But while the hands of Marel, and their kin, guide the conflicts that smolder here today. The jagged scars of dragons mark its landscapes. The sculpted cathedrals of gjiasa haunt its mountaintops. And, the forgotten townships of Fae meld into its soil.   For Hawthorne is an ethereal realm, a sphere so carnal in all its desires.   A landmass divorced by towering peaks towards its very marrow, its vast western domain swallowed by its ample woodlands, marked with humungous plains and rolling valleys. An eastern dominion, cut off by breathtaking mountains, stroked through by innumerable rivers, bottomless ravines, sailing isles, and ebony dunes.


Hawthorne can be parted into three major geographical regions, which themselves can be broken into smaller domains:

Snowy Vale
Dhír Oestorna, the Snowy Vale is a geographical region that dominates the near entirety of western Hawthorne. This region is true to its name. Predominantly grassland, the Vale is characterized by its copious long rolling hills, rising up and down like gentle golden-green waves. As you glide the sweet warmth towards the north, it is not uncommon to see vast hollow valleys sculpted like enormous bowls into the very earth.  
Ashen Frontier
Thíre Isthorna, the Ashen Frontier is a land encompassed widely by its vast lush forests and woodlands. Its northern dominion of great valleys and ravines, torn through by snaking rivers and cliffs sides. An ancient place once unblemished, its southerly reaches enveloped by vasts regions of damp crimson meadows. Its inner midlands, swallowed by burning sands of coal and ebony.  
Hailstone Harbour
The Hailstone Harbour is a collection of interconnected landmasses off the northern coast of Hawthorne. One large, four small. At first glance, the land would appear quite similar to the rest. Many aspects of the former regions, here mixing and melding harmoniously into one. And yet, if one were to look further. It is only when the taste of salt leaves the tongue. And, the frigid air smothers the warmth in your bones does the dreary soil becomes so loose, gravelly, and gray. A fitting place, for the accursed blood of Reiaul.


  • Map of Hawthorne
Alternative Name(s)
Nal Branniú (ancient), and Anthíre Siophè (archaic)
Included Locations
Inhabiting Species

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