Inquisitors, a special title granted to monks and priests, trained to resist the temptations of flesh and hunt the demon worshipers and witches. Their title commands fear in the heart of commoners and even sometimes nobility. In general, they are an unwanted presence as they often leave bodies in their wake. Tearing families apart in their search for heretics and evidence of demons. Often targeting even those who manifest black mana. They are the mad dogs of the One Church, merciless in what they do.   Almost all counties are obliged to grant inquisitors unrestricted access and they often use King's Road to quickly travel through the realm. While almost no inquisitor is born of nobility, they are often treated as such when arriving in a settlement. After all, showing generosity towards the inquisitor may be the difference between life and death. The respect and trust that the inquisitors are granted is so large, that there are some who sometimes pose as inquisitors. Though the risk of getting caught is large, they often can enjoy lavish life until being caught by the real inquisitors.   Despite of the appearances and prejudice of inquisitors, it is not very common that they get the wrong people and torture the innocent. Through their connection to the One Church, they often receive revelations towards who to punish. Sometimes these acts of violence may seem arbitrary to the innocent onlooker as inquisitors suddenly stab a man to death in the middle of the busy market, causing widespread panic. But especially demon worshipers, often hide themselves among the population, where it is easier for them to spread their influence and affect the general population.   While inquisitors are often considered as a title only granted to the church, there are some exceptions to this. Notably all the great families with demon slaying origins, also have knights who have also been granted the title of inquisitor. House of Acedia has a group of knights who are considered the finest inquisitors in the realm, granting assistance where discretion is a necessity, while giving all the credit to the One Church. This system is not without it faults though, as inquisitors run by the families may also have ulterior motivations behind them. Sometimes giving a bad name for the normal inquisitors, when the line between loyalties becomes blurred.
Religious, Military


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