The Lord of Time


Saturn is the eldest Celestial Dragon known to the Fael, and is the patriarch of the pantheon. He is a quiet and reserved deity, with a notable affinity for the literature of mortal beings. He hoards innumerable books, scrolls, manuscripts and more in his home, a gargantuan library hidden beneath a mountain.

He is considered the most important deity of all the Celestials, no doubt due to his powers to control the flow of time and directly manipulate the timeline of living beings.



Much of Saturn's youth is a mystery to the masses. Some believe that he is ageless and started time at the creation of the universe, and that everything is a result of that event. Others believe it was his very birth that started time. A much more taboo belief among some is that Saturn's father is a mythical eighth Celestial who created the universe, while Saturn simply started time to allow us to experience it.


A young feline boy once brought Saturn his favorite time piece, a mechanical hourglass that, once emptied, could flip itself back over. When Saturn, already impressed that a mere boy was able to traverse the land to find him, asked him why he wanted to give it up, the Fael replied that he figured it would be enough to ask of the deity to see if his family was together and happy "sometime else". Taken aback, Saturn went quiet. He held out his large clawed hand for the boy to take, and as the hesitant paw clutched the claw of his finger, Saturn nodded, sharing a view of this alternate world he saw with the boy. A town untouched by war, a house un-destroyed by invasion, and his family unbroken by death.  

The Hidden Library

Saturn created his vast library when he was presumably very "young". Many think he collected the walls of text from gifts and offerings made by mortals of the past, but a more controversial idea is that he began collecting before he was the Time Lord, which obviously insinuates that he didn't create the universe or start time.

The library itself is unimaginably huge, carved deep into the depths underneath a mountain millennia ago and filled to the brim with series of hallways, aisles and sectioned off areas. Saturn spends much of his time in the main hall, an enormous open area decorated with clocks of all sorts and a single lectern that he enjoys reading from in his free time. Saturn is not the only one who lives in the library, though. He has a number of servants that maintain the network of his collection. They were originally lost, abandoned, or stripped from their families, and in sparse acts of kindness, Saturn took them in.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

While he is quite aged, even for a Celestial, Saturn is still considerably in shape. His skin and underbelly scales are tough as well, providing better than average protection for his elder body.

Body Features

The elder's body is covered in thick leathery orange skin with calluses on his joints and marks of age all over. From his jawline, across his belly and to his tail-tip runs a dense layer of scales, a slightly brighter orange in color. From the crown of his head, lush white hair drapes in waves to the side, and it continues in a long streak down his spine and to the tip, where it flairs out.

Facial Features

Long, square snout, large eye-ridges, large backward-facing pointed ears, and a thin, long beard hanging from his chin. Across his eye and down the left side of his snout runs three deep scars, presumably left from a set of claws.

Apparel & Accessories

One of Saturn's greatest possession is his staff. He uses it to more conveniently utilize his powers, and in some cases, it can even enhance it. It's a huge staff of wood, looking about the size of a whole tree to a typical Fael. It splits in a half-spiral near the top, outlining an opening where a free-floating hourglass spins endlessly.

Mental characteristics

Intellectual Characteristics

As a result of his vast array of literature, he's put great effort into learning the multiple languages they use.
Long, white
Skin Tone
62m x 100m
110,839 kg


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