The Knower


The most mysterious deity of the Celestial Pantheon is the son of Saturn, one worshipped both in pursuit of infinite wisdom, and out of otherworldly fear. Neptune is a being unlike the rest of his family. Cold, solemn and simply not of this world, he resides deep in a forest he himself created millennia ago, secluded from the mortals that worship him behind an ocean of trees that has served him well in filtering out those who he deems unworthy of his presence. To confront Neptune is to completely empty one's mind in preparation for whatever it is they seek. He finds mortals bothersome, hence why he only reveals himself to those who prove themselves within his forest. He is one of the largest Celestials, taking the form of a titanic, white-furred serpent dragon, whose body is so large, it often extends out of sight. His body has been described as more ethereal than other Celestials, his fur easily attracting frost and letting off a ghostly fog.  



A story that occasionally arises is that of an immensely intelligent Fael scientist, Rhev. Murlich, who awoke in the middle of the night in a hypnotic trance, and walked straight out of his house. His town was gone, and the path from his door led straight forward into a forest that had appeared from nowhere. He vanished into it and never returned. The people of the town believe that he was summoned by Neptune, the son of Saturn, as he was one of very few who possessed knowledge so crucial for the Celestial to learn that divine intervention was required to obtain it. Others believe that for unknown reasons, Neptune wanted to bestow his own knowledge to the scientist, and was left to roam the forest forever. There are similar stories of explorers who set out to find Neptune's forest, and while it has been found, there are few surviving records of its depths. It is unknown how it is able to "move".


When he was a wyrmling, Neptune was thought to be the only one to read through his father's entire horde of manuscripts, books and other literature, as even the Lord of Time has never read every single piece of knowledge he owns. It was during these early years that Neptune showed off his exceptional intellect and started to nourish the powers granted by Unification.

The Forest

Neptune's forest is a major component in many myths. Some say it doesn't exist, others believe it has a mind of its own, tethered to Neptune's being. To enter Neptune's forest is a tricky endeavor, and can lead explorers and researchers hunting for weeks before even entering the Knower's domain. This is because it is constantly moving and changing. It's believed to never be in the same place for too long of a time. Though, it has generally been documented to reside somewhere on the Arhlutian continent around the largest mountain chain, also named after the otherworldly Celestial.

The Forest is strongly tied to the Hyperial, and is considered a main entrance to the celestial realm. Upon entering, one wouldn't even notice anything too strange at the outskirts, but traveling deeper, the forest makes it very well known that trespassers are not welcome. The air becomes starkly chill, and the trees start to become larger, to the point where their trunks are easily the thickness of a hut. Deeper into the forest you may travel, and darker it will become. The chill will grip tighter on your lungs, and soon the canopies of the trees have fully obscured sunlight. Taller and taller the trees grow, and darker the forest becomes as you descend deeper into the sea of trees. It reaches a level of absurdity, to the point where you almost don't realize how far into the forest you've traveled. Certainly you should have reached the other side by now. By now, you have passed over the edge of the mortal world and have entered the Hyperial.

Mortals may never even make it to this point, as the edge is guarded by the Knower's creations, also thought to be part of the forest itself. There are little firsthand records of the Guardians that live surrounding the entrance as the depths grow darker, but they are considered extremely dangerous if encountered. Few of them rely on sight, but rather sound, as it is entirely silent deep near the edge. The trees, as large as they are, are very spaced out, leaving lots of open, empty room between them. This may be strange to a traveler, but it is necessary given the sizes these creatures can grow to.  

Known Guardians

  • The Bushes - Reside in the outskirts. They are usually the first to scare off any travelers who don't know what they're getting into.
  • The Evergreen Clan - Reside in the middle of the Forest among more common trees. They're more easily spotted during the colder parts of the year.
  • Other Guardians - Deep near the edge. Little is documented about appearance, but they are probably the most common reason for disappearances.
  • The Giant Owl - The first Guardian potentially met once the Hyperial is entered.
  • Wanderers of the Hyperial - Similar to the Guardians at the edge, but are less hostile.

Physical Description

Body Features

Neptune is a gigantic serpent dragon, with thick white fur covering his whole body. His hands and feet are covered in black and blue scales. Throughout his fur are thin, light-blue patterns that resemble cracks in ice. He is able to control how large he appears, adding to his otherworldly nature. Neptune almost never touches the ground, he is perpetually floating off the ground. He moves very slowly, and speaks in a similar way.
Size unknown
At least 1,000,000 kg


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