How the Planets Rule

1293rd Year A.K

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It started with a war, like anything else.
Dragons dominated the lands of Tellum, once whole and simple. They were far from benevolent creatures, but they acted with a parental kindness to the smaller beings that formed little civilizations. Food and worship were plenty to convince a titanic, scaly beast to protect a town.

But the wyverns were much different. They were smaller, yes, physically and in population, but they were far more aggressive. Far more destructive. Far more deadly. They cared not for the little civilizations of the Fael, but instead saw the dragons as a greater threat. They would attack without warning, and often coordinated group attacks on the much larger dragons.

Towards the end of the war, wyverns were growing their numbers, and much of the dragon population was lost, especially due to their scattered, individualistic nature. That was, until they gained a divine advantage.
The Celestials, they were called by the Fael.

Mars was one of them, a fierce deity that learned from the wyverns and enchanted her armies of dragons with ferocity and strength in their final battles. She never oversaw them, but instead fought other battles alone. She rained hell on the last of the wyverns, an explosive end to ensure their demise.

The world was left crippled and scarred. The last of the dragons would surely die out, leaving only the Fael for the Celestials to rule over. So Mars, to immortalize their victory, let the eternal magic of the dragons hold the lands afloat amid golden clouds, while the remains of the wyverns remained on the empty, dead core of the planet. Split apart, the islands became the new home for the Fael.

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