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Jakkard Grattik

Jakkard Grattik (a.k.a. Jakk)

Grattik is a male besalisk near mid aged. Grattik is the well known and cheerful owner of the Jeeva local cantina, The Rat Stack. Grattik is a likable local of Jeeva that caters to the citizens and other passerbys of Hovi V. He's always cracking a joke, regaling a patron with his days as an adventurer which the scars and cybernetic arm can attest to, or keeping the bar mascot, a pile rat named Skraal, out of trouble . Oh and also actually running the place, something he often needs reminding of by the patrons. But if you manage to slide past his good side, he's not afraid to show classic besalisk might and usually laughing while doing it. This usually is shown when someone makes a ruckus around his establishment, which he is very fond of. With his friendly attitude, he's always willing to give a helping hand to the community, whether that be a hot meal or a room to stay. There's also word on the street that he and the Ash Skulls have some kind of beef between them, like a nerf steak kind of beef.

Physical Description

Body Features

He sports a few nasty scars and a cybernetic arm.

Facial Features

a large gash-like scar across his chin.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Jakk has bragged about many achievements in his old days of adventuring, but people are pretty sure he expounds on the details.

Personality Characteristics


Keeping his bar running and the community happy.

Virtues & Personality perks

He's known to be very gracious in helping people in need.

Personality Quirks

He's a little forgetful and gets caught up in conversation.
Current Residence
The Rat Stack
Yellow, A Jolly Gleam
Skin Tone
Dark Brown, Scaling
5' 8"
300 lbs.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Someone find Skraal!"

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