House Verdant Holistic Organization Unlocking Sustainable Eating

Baron Basil founded the Minor House Verdant within the GoTverse in June 2022 to participate in the July Tourney of Tales, supporting their home House Felis. This world is the Baron of the Leaf's first foray in World Anvil, and is part of their contribution to the collaborative writing encouragement network The Game of Tomes. They've participated in GoT since joining House Felis in July 2021, which was then a Minor House.   To learn more about the Game of Tomes, visit the official World Anvil at Game of Tomes where you can also join the official Discord and pay a visit to House Verdant's #kittering-community-garden.   Disclaimer: Information on this World Anvil World is NOT yet Official GoT Lore, and ought not be considered as such. Articles will link to Official pages if content is adapted for inclusion on the Official site.