Welcome to Horizon of the Void

Rules of the World

  What are the fundamental differences in the natural laws of your world compared to earth?   1. Another dimension exists just below the surface of the primary reality called the Void.   2. The radiation that comes from the Void has lead to the development of mysterious powers and new technologies. To harness this power requires being born with a special organ unique to each race or Void Crystals.   3. The usage of this ability requires intense training, where one discovers what molecular structure they have a strong connection to, allowing them to manipulate it with their will alone.


  While there are many theories about the creation of the universe, and by consequence the Horizon Galaxy, none are truly sure how it came to be. The most widely held belief is that the universe was birthed from the Void itself, and that one day all shall return to it once more.


  What does the geography of your world look like?   There are countless planets in the Horizon Galaxy, some ranging from the earth-like to full jungle worlds where fungi reign supreme or vast forests of twisting trees reaching into the heavens. The galaxy itself has many branching arms, and one arm completely separated off from the main body.   Does your geography have any special properties or features?   Due to the Void's influence in the galaxy, many impossible things can be seen. Moons orbiting nonexistent planets, stars that exist in a constant flux of deterioration and reformation, whole star systems that can only be seen but never touched.

Initial Size of Building

  What is the initial size of your campaign setting?   To help introduce the setting I'll start things off in the current leading power in Horizon, the Velani Federation, letting the players experience the most racially diverse faction in the galaxy. With time the majority of the galactic powers will be explored and delved into as their machinations come to light.

People and their History

  Who used to live in your active campaign space, and what’s their history?   Long ago in the distant past a great civilization ruled the galaxy, their true name has been lost to time but they are now known as the First. The first to reach out beyond their planet. The first to discover the Void. The first to conquer the galaxy. The first to be destroyed and nearly forgotten. While once nearly all powerful, all that remains are their various artifacts and their ruins scattered across the galaxy.   Which species/cultures live here now and what’s their history?   Many new powers have risen up in the millions of years since the First's age. The Velani Federation, an alliance of various civilizations united in self-preservation after the Drelock Raids that nearly tore the galaxy asunder, and now the dominant power of the galaxy. The Fulioc Sector, once a member of the Federation, now an independent party whose one goal is to stop the Celaakri. The Celaakri Hive of Unity, the expansionist hive mind that some view as the next new dominant power of the galaxy. The Victracki system, the center of the Journey to the First religion and a primary source of Void Crystals. The Geckil Holy Empire, a crime syndicate disguised as a theocracy. The Melov Collective, the most technologically advanced faction in the galaxy and the most obsessed with cosmetic cybernetics. Finally there is the war obsessed Juun, Litrope and Woltonrians who are members of the Alliance of the Worthy and are a constant source of mercenaries for the galaxy.   What do they need, and what do they need from each other?   The Velani Federation is struggling to stay united after the succession of the Fulioc Sector and wish to bring it back into the fold.   The Fulioc Sector wish to see the Celaakri stopped above all else, and wish to convince the Federation of the true menace the hive mind poses.   The Celaakri continue their attempts at expansion outside of their current borders and wish to use their unique position as the gatekeepers to the Melov Collective to their every advantage.   The Victracki wish to remain an independent party, but find it more and more difficult as the Federation and the Holy Empire push their influence over the territory.   The Geckil want to have sole rights to the Victracki's Void Crystal supplies and may even risk war to do so, with the right mercenaries under their employ first.   The Melov Collective are nearly blind to the landscape of the rest of the galaxy and so trust their neighbors, the Hive of Unity, to aid in their trade and diplomatic efforts.   Alliance of the Worthy wish to continue their war-like ways, and the Geckil seem ready to support them if they'll do some important jobs for them.


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