Basic Information


Exceptionally tall but with a thin frame, the Simmeri are an arthropod race well known for their preternatural elegance and beauty. Over their form is a light exoskeleton that has a segmented appearance similar to what is seen in most insects. They are bipedal with incredibly long limbs, their two digitigrade legs being double their torso's height and their two arms reaching to their knees. They have two fingers and a thumb on each hand, each just as spindly as the arms they are attached to. Their legs end in a splayed out foot that ends in four points, each of which is a flexible digit. The torso of the Simmeri is a skinny triangular ovoid, with the widest portion of it being near the neck while the thinnest is at the waist. The head is an elongated oval shape ending in a sharp triangular point where a pair of rounded mandibles can be located. Their eyes are a pair of three clustered orbs that sit in a triangle formation on each side of the head allowing them to see above, to the side and in front of them at the same time.

Growth Rate & Stages

This people have incredibly long lives, the longest lived among them achieving lifetimes spanning nearly five centuries. Due to this the maturation rate of the Simmeri is rather slow, taking around fifty years before reaching adulthood. During their early years their limbs tend to be even longer compared to their bodies, having adapted to allow a child to reach for far away branches and climb to safety as early in their life as possible. As they arrive at full maturity their limbs eventually settle on their normal length to height ratio. It is also during this time that their eyes fully develop, originally starting out as an incredibly tight cluster before each eye spreading out to allow for their full range of vision.

Ecology and Habitats

The majority of their home planet is covered in vast twisting forest, the trees reaching to incredible heights and even intertwining with each other and vast and complex organic structures. These environments tend to be tropical in nature, with rain fall and hot temperatures being commonplace.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Sapient and Sentient

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Along with their ability to see in multiple directions at the same time, the Simmeri are also capable of seeing into the infrared and ultraviolet ranges of light.
300 to 500 years
Average Height
2.7 meters
Average Weight
54 kg
Average Physique
Thin, tall and graceful.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
A simmeri's carapace tends to show colors ranging from vibrant blues to deep greens.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities


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