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"I don't know how the Celaakri were able to tame these creatures, but I can't deny their strength and speed makes them great for transporting goods. Now if only they wouldn't eat whatever is in their way."
— Iuol
  The premier form of land transportation in the Celaakri Hive of Unity for heavy pieces of cargo, the Chelren are a perfect example of the Hive's ability to enslave and genetically manipulate another species. Originally an omnivorous beast from a neighboring star system to Celaakri Prime they were enslaved with the use of the Celaakri's mind controlling blood, and genetically modified into a perfect cargo carrying creature. Incredibly strong, and surprisingly fast, they have an earned a reputation for transporting materials and resources at rates superior to most aircraft and land vehicles. Despite this they are not used outside of the Hive due to their penchant for eating anything in their path that is not Celaakri.

Basic Information


These large insectoid creatures have a massive rounded body supported by ten legs of various sizes and thickness. The middle section of legs are the longest and thickest of its supportive appendages as they hold up the majority of its central mass. At the end of each of its segmented legs is a two pronged foot with hooked toes that help it keep a firm grip on the ground. The head of the creature has two large mandibles and one large composite eye at its center. These mandibles help push prey and other matter into the mouth parts of the creature as it eats. On top of the head extend two incredibly long antennae that stretch past the thorax of the beast and end with broad feathery receptors. Every inch of the creature is covered in a thick exoskeleton, usually brown or dark green in coloration.


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