Spell Blowback

Do not toy with the fundamental force of life, for it is also the fundamental force of death.
— Ancient Macedonian Warning
  Spell Blowback is a natural occurrence in which the bodies normal fluctuations of Cortex either rapidly shift between positive and negative majorities, known as Frequential Blowback, or shifts massively from a positive to negative balance, or vice versa, usually through the incorrect use Core Magic.   Frequential Blowback normally causes sickness, dizziness and other internal issues. True Spell Blowback can cause internal hemorrhaging, loss of limb, loss of life, evisceration, or atomization.


When a Cortex Sensitive or Core Magic user is exposed to either rapid fluctuations of Cortex or a massive inflation or deflation of Cortex, the body can react violently, as Cortex is infused through all cells of living creatures on Earth.


Areas with high Pure Iron concentrations can cause the effects of Spell Blowback to increase in magnitude and number of affected persons. This has been most notoriously recorded with the Oklah Military Recruitment Explosion in 1995.

Metaphysical, Arcane


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13 Dec, 2018 19:13

  • 'through the incorrect use Core Magic. ' - I think you might want an 'of' between use and Core

I suspect you'll probably be covering this in another article, but what exactly is Cortex? What are 'positive and negative majorities' in this context? Is it known how and why iron amplifies the effect of a spell blowback?

13 Dec, 2018 19:36

Thats one of the things I have been struggling with how to define within the this world.  

Cortex Metal
Item | Dec 5, 2017

It's Alive!!

  Cortex is a material that just flows through my universe, and makes every fanciful thing possible. It has two forms, positive and negative, and as long as it is in balance, no one knows anything different. The world and people would seem just like our real one. When it is unbalanced, magic and super science and super powers are capable of happening.   Iron, being the traditional stopper of magic, causes Cortex to be unstable, reacting as if there is a large variation in its balance.   Beyond my understanding, nothing inside of the world is Actually accurate on how magic and powers work.

14 Dec, 2018 00:43

I like that your magic is kinda "scientific", with some explanation for this or that that doesn't just say "this is magic". I also like that abusing of it's power can have some consequences, that in some cases are similar to what I'm doing with magic in my world.   Since it was already asked what is Cortex, I ask you: can any person have magic powers? Is it something they are born with or do they need to learn it?

14 Dec, 2018 01:00

The ability to have magic or super powers comes from an small precent chance of having abnormal positive or negative cortex flowing through your systemn much like you need an imbalance of electrons to cause a shock when you touch a door knob. Enough of an imbalance, and you can sense changes in cortex in other things, which steps up to precog ition like abilities, technopathy, and eventually thaumaturgical skill. Training and meditation can bring these abilities to a closer level of "magic", but only those with insane natural amounts of cortex imbalance have powers.

14 Dec, 2018 03:09

Oooooo well many systems have a cost, a bad thing that can happen for whatever reason. This is a pretty stabdard and solid one. Not a bad thing. Its an oldie but gildie that can really open a lot of doors especially when death is the outcome of most of its effect. Something id ask. Why do people do it if its so destructive, what classifies as misuse of core