Madame Weaver

Professor Sarah Ruth Darstein (a.k.a. Silk Weaver)

They love me till I get them home...
  Born Sarah Ruth Darstein to affluent parents from the United Kingdom, she was raised in the Saxon city of London.   A bright student with a love for mythology, she traveled to Athens, the cultural center of the Mediteranian Sea, in the spring of 1993. While there she visited the Temple of Athena. During a tour of the temple's subterranean library, she came across a scroll retellimg the Tale of Arachne. Hiding it, and taking it back to her hotel room, she became cursed.   Now, Sarah teaches at the Harlem Institute of Cultural Studies in New Yorkshire. During the day her students, especially the men, clamor for her attention as her seductive looks and bewitching retelling of myths involving lust captivate the young hearts and minds. Occasionally, a lucky student may find themselves closer in her presence, secluded in her office, or even invited out for a bite to eat.   When alone, her curse becomes apparent, as four spindly extra legs unfold from around her abdomen, capturing her prey as she grooms their hair or caresses their body. By the end of her time alone with them life energy has been drained. She never kills, but her students do not usually continue to succeed in other classes after a quiet encounter with her.  

Teacher and Nemesis of the Collegiate

Of course she's evil, Aiden. Attractive older women are always evil. You really did party too hard in college, didn't you?
— Relay upon meeting Shin Hakura
Two members of the Barrel of Heroes, Heatwave and Relay dealt first hand with the sinister Madame Weaver during their time at the Harlem Institute. As an instructor, the young men excelled in her class. But as they began to notice the downtrodden and fatigued states of several other men on campus, they jumped into an investigation. With their friend Regina Thompson, they discovered the truth of their instructor. A unique artifact, the Orb of Apollo, said to be capable of curing curses had come into the arachanoid villains possession. However, due to the nature of her own curse, the orb amplified her need for life energy from the young, driving her to seduce and capture more young men then her careful hiding would normally allow. The orb was eventually removed from the home of Madame Weaver, and many of the young men easily recovered. However, Ms. Thompson was given her own power in the process, becoming the powerful Sunbringer. Unable to initially control her powers, she was taken in by Madame Weaver, and now continues to lead young heroes to the side of good within the Collegiate with her former nemesis as their benefactor.

Physical Description

Body Features

Two extra sets of legs, which she hides by wrapping them around her waist. This gives her a fuller, more natural looking figure when wearing clothes.

Biological Sex


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5 Dec, 2018 19:43

Creepy but a very interesting read! Did the curse stop her from aging (is the story set in the present) or does she age (and the story is set in around 1940)?

5 Dec, 2018 19:58

She was cursed in 1993, as a teen. The events involving Heatwave, Relay and Sunbringer happened in 2011. Her aging is slower, but it isn't super apoarent yet

5 Dec, 2018 20:06

ooooooh!!! I read it as 1939 >.< But nice details :D

6 Dec, 2018 10:00

Well, that's a completely different look than what I expected! Where has this world been? I dig this newspaper/comic style!   Lol that last quote, oh man. Haha I don't what to say.   So where are we going with this character? Also, I think the very last sentence could use a little rearranging.

6 Dec, 2018 14:58

Honestly, a Black Cat/Catwoman style character. Sometimes bad, sometimes good, never really gets caught.   What do you think would read better?

6 Dec, 2018 15:32

I think Black Cat style would fit a bit more.

6 Dec, 2018 10:56

Spider-ladies are always awesome :D   But what happened to her after they removed the Orb of Apollo? Did they battle/arrest/banish her? Or did they just let her get back to her regular but less voracious ways? It seems to suggest that she became one of the good guys after that, but it isn't entirely clear. It also isn't clear why someone doesn't go to the police or something to say that they saw a scary spider lady. Does she have some way of erasing their memories?

6 Dec, 2018 15:09

I'm re-reading some classics to get an idea of what to do with her during and after. Its one of those things where the more pressing matter of a bigger threat presented itself.   Will be adding in her abilities soon. But it was more a case of Heatwave and the soon to be renamed Relay being more sympathetic to her plight after wresting the Orb from her.

6 Dec, 2018 15:02

Oooooo i like it. I love the style of the article and the creepiness of it. Can recall a few teachers like this from my high school and college days. Captivating and lulling in their words and with the curse im suddenly relieved i never got closer lol either way im curious as to why the students fail "in other classes" if she doesn't kill what effects take hold. Is it due to obsession or are they enthralled to her?

6 Dec, 2018 15:16

1 part enthrallment, 1 part obsession, mix till you have the life pulled out of you. I'm very happy with how people are enjoying this article and this world.

6 Dec, 2018 15:17

Oh yes. This is very interesting and I'll go ahead and follow cause i have a feeling ill return. :) and ahhhh yes that is the recipe for bad grades....I remember well.