The Thirsting Blade

Feeding on men's blood is fine, but that of woman? Drives the blade wild.
Shin Hikara (person) of Katsubō when interrogated about her part in the Massacre of Hakone (article)
  One of twelve Murderous Ones, the Thirsting Blade is a legendary weapon crafted during the Nihon Civil War (militaryConflict). First weilded by Captain (rank) Saito Hirohito (person), the blade was atributed with the death of over two hundred men in the Battle of Ōgawara (militaryConflict). The rumored death of upwards of 75 women and children in the battle begins it's storied history as a Murderous One. Saito disappeared shortly after Ryoka's Hill (militaryConflict) two months later, in which the entire contingent of 150 Sōhei (organization), warrior monks who stood as a stalwart wall surring the early parts of the war.   While Saito vanished, the trail of blood left by Katsubō did not. For 750 years, various Samurai (profession), Warlords (rank), and even the Empress of Nihon would weild the terrifying blade.  


Katsubō, or Thirsting, was bestowed upon the blade during the Asuka period of Nihon (location), between 685 and 710 CE. During this time, a cultural mythology evolved and historical documents about the Nihon Civil War were uncovered, telling tales about a seemingly demonic blade that would rend through whole armies in an unending quest for blood. The demon, Katsubō (person), was said to have been sealed into the blade around 240 CE, in order to at least contain its destructive rampage in the Red Plague (condition).


Cultural weapon of terror, said to hold the soul of a demon.

Item type
Weapon, Melee
Related ethnicities
A unique blade
1.2 kg
62 cm
Base Price
20.000 NAD
Raw materials & Components
Nihon Iron (material)


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