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A.K.A. Force

A varied and suprising set of spells accessible by those who have learned to access the Core. Practitioners of various martial arts throughout the centuries have claimed to be able to use this spell set, such as the fabled Bruce Lee, Roman Warlord Portabont Mortem, and the celebrated Master Flex.  

What, the little muscle wizard gonna cast Fist?
— Two-eyed thug #23 moments before becoming Broken-arm thug #5


A discreet energy force, which can enhance the desired physical attack anywhere from 2 times up to a magnitude of 50 times is sent out just around the focus point (fist, foot, sword, arrow). Once any opposing velocity is experienced (impact, reversal or deflection) the spell ends.  

Advanced Effects

Skilled practitioners have been known to be able to extend the full length this spell is able to strike, famously from a distance of 1-inch, to up to 7 feet. Further complexiry is also accomplished with the addition of Elemental Magic to the base Fist spell. Kicking with sturdy rock like feet, punching with tongues of fire, or firing electric arrows have all been recorded.

Side/Secondary Effects

Untrained practitioners can findd themselves experiencing dangerous Spell Blowback, which has caused limbs to be ripped off, muscles and bone to be shredded and even loss of life as ever blood vessel in the body ruptures. Consistent practice, training in underlying combat forms, and reinforcment through other magical means can all belay some of the effects. Superficial damage is always a possibility.


To those sensitive to the ebb and flow of Cortex, the air around the body of the caster may appear to waver, and then solidify around the area they choose to use as the focus of the spell.  

Cortex Sensitive may make a check against their Perception + INTEL to notice if a character is casting a Fist spell.


Drawn from the very fabric of creation, these spells require the user to expend some of their own life energy to execute without having serious damage done to themselves.

Gestures & Ritual
Focus your mind, and you strike will never miss.
Master Xian Yu
  Many practitioners find that simple relaxation, focus, and channeling of their natural energies is enough to perform the bost basic Fist spell safely.

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4 Dec, 2018 19:41

This made me laugh in a good way. Really like the idea of a muscle wizard without knowing anything else about your world, it just gave me a laughing fit. Out of curiosity who developed it and what kind of trial and error, and the hilarity or horror that may have ensued, occurred?

4 Dec, 2018 21:09

Only one thing to really say for this:   I'm curious though about any in-world stories of this spell being used. I would love to hear some fluff about how people just kicked ass with it!

4 Dec, 2018 22:02

I love the concept of this! I was giggling a bit and then I came to the part about every blood vessel rupturing and I suddensly got some very gross images in my mind >.<   (you have written ever instead of every btw :D)   The article overall is short and precise, but it wouldn't hurt to add a few more details :D Other than that the layout is the only thing I would fix, a picture of some buff dude and a header and you're good to go!   Nice article!

4 Dec, 2018 22:33

And this is the level of PB I expect. A little funny, a little informative and all-around great article. I would totally use this in a campaign. Someone had their sassy pants on when they wrote this I see. :D   I live this as my token

4 Dec, 2018 22:44

Oh God's... No questions? How will I improve?!