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We all know the story of Robin Hood, the famous outlaw of Sherwood Forest, and how he and his merry men rebelled against the harsh government of feudal England and became a hero.   With that story as our backdrop we find our heroine. She is the daughter of a mistress and has been living her entire life inside the noble court. When we meet her she is familiar in the fake smiles and lethal plots, on a personal level. But when things go wrong, she is easy to make into a scapegoat.   Her sentence is to hang from a rope until dead in the middle of Nottingham Square. But as luck would have it, that day's hangings are also set for two outlaws belonging to the infamous Robin Hood. So when his group of merry men free them, she is also set free.   But having always learnt to put her own needs first, she takes advantage of the people who helped her and flees the scene of the crime.   To find a way to get her vengeance on the people who threw her to the gallows, she seeks out Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest and teams up with them. Winning their trust is hard and it is first when she learns and acts to put others before herself that she gains respect within the group. So when they come to need a new leader she is the one who steps up, willing to put her plan into action to end the Sheriff's harsh rule.

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