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Campaign Idea: Fairy Tales Running Wild

Another Campaign Idea set in the same world.

High Magic, Ultra Fantasy, Fairy Tale Inspired   Fairy Tales are bleeding into the world, causing chaos. Our heroes must restore balance. The fairy tale creatures aren't inherently malicious. Most of them wound up in the Material plane on accident because the veil between the two planes is weakening. Others are fleeing from a dark force that is spreading corruption throughout the Feywild and disrupting the natural balance in the land.     Sentence Daenir (Young Shadow) - Dae'Carandél (Shadow of Red Horror) wants to destroy the veil between planes by next winter solstice and is having difficulty using eldritch powers of corruption and his minions because the Wardens of the Wilds possess powerful protection magic. Ulundis (Monster's Bride)   Themes Everything is not what it seems. Good and evil are subjective. The world is shades of grey. Hatred and anger comes from fear and sadness.   Daenir wants to destroy the veil because that is the only way they will be able to escape from the prison in the Feywild. In order to destroy the veil, he is spreading corruption through the Feywild to weaken the wardens and gain allies/minions. He must destroy the veil at the time of the next winter solstice, because that is when the astrological/cosmic/planar alignment will be perfect for him to make his escape. If he fails, it will be millenia before he gets another chance.

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